Clevelands Biggest Loser

July 8, 2010

“Do you wanna watch Lebron?” Mr. K

“I don’t care. He needs to stay in Cleveland, they need him and that is the only place where he will remain the big star” Me

First off I would just like to say that basketball has never been my favorite sport. I have a great dislike for the larger than life egos and even larger salaries. And now “King” Lebron James has given me reason to dislike it even more.

I was born and raised in Cleveland all my 22 years of life before I moved out to NYC. Yes, I do not currently live in Cleveland, nor do I particularly want to move back – ever. But I have a loyalty to Cleveland and will defend it in the face of all the nasty Cleveland jokes – a sense of pride for my home town in spite of the fact that it is “the mistake on the lake.” And last night at around 9:30 pm Cleveland was raped by Lebron James. Clevelanders were good fans to him – although myself am not a Cavs fan, (nor a fan of any basketball team for that matter) some of my friends are the most aggressive Cavs fans I have ever seen despite the fact that they now live in NYC. Cleveland deserved him, and now it deserves better. Better watch it Bron Bron, first your jerseys will burn and then your house.

Well Mr. James I hope you have fun in Miami sharing your fans, fame and your crown with Dwayne Wayne and that other good guy. You have just been dethroned, you are no longer the star, no longer the king – you gave that up when you gave up on Cleveland and your teammates.

What will happen if you don’t get your precious ring?? When you realize that you are not a winner, and you become basketballs biggest loser. Will you be holding another hour long press conference then???


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Paris Day 2

May 30, 2010

Paris, day 2 – French Open and the scavenger hunt. Looking back this entire day seemed to be somewhat of a scavenger hunt.  Mr.K and I hunted for the Metro after another amazing breakfast that consisted of cheesy goodness and a perfect bright orange egg on top! Then we hunted for J and E at the French Open – although we did get a little distracted the Polish doubles and front row seating.

Then we hunted for a café to sit and have a drink at, and then we got real – we decided to do what every tourist in Paris should do: Eat and Drink their way through a Parisian neighborhood. We started out by hitting up the patisserie near our hotel for French pastry, a baguette, and a crepe avec nutella et framboise. Then we found the nearest café and during the standard 20 minutes wait for our champagne to be delivered to our table, created a scavenger hunt list. Here is most of what we came up with:

Guinness – Mr. K

French beer – Mrs. K (kronberg)

Champagne – both

Red and white wine – both

Savory – both (crepes w/glass white wine) – Mine was sooooooo good – I LOVE French eggs

  1. Sweet – both (pain au chocolate and Meringue)

Cheese and bread – (brie, sheep’s and baguette with red wine)

Wild card – both

Touch water – both (fountain at Jardin du Luxembourg and La Seine)

Smoke something – both (not accomplished)

Drink a beer in the street – Mrs. K (Duvel purchased from a bar and toted along on my bike)

I believe the only thing that we did not accomplish was to smoke something. After our champagne we went off in search of a good ol American dive bar, Mr.K knew just the place. We tapped their Guinness keg watched some hockey and tried to avoid eye contact with the creepy homeless guy wandering aimlessly around the bar asking for ciggys. Next was food time we found another very American crepe place I ordered the best crepe ever (well maybe this one is second to the duck crepe in Montreal) stuffed with cheese spinach and a perfectly fried egg. Mr. K’s crepe not very good, but its ok he helped me eat mine.

We wandered and found a cute pastry shop with huge white fluffy meringues (oh lala!) for me and a pain au chocolate (his pastry of choice)for Mr.K. With the sweet safely in my bad we asked for the nearest wine store, of course! We ask the wine shop owner if she would help us pick out a nice bottle of red for bread and cheese eating. We get our bottle and two glasses and head back to the hotel.

With Bread, wine, cheese, and pastries in tow we picnic among the manicured trees and blooming flowers in the Jardin du Luxembourg.  We then decided to take on some wild cards:

  1. Activity involving statues
  2. Make out in the rain
  3. Run back to our hotel before J and E get there.

At some point during the best day ever in Paris, day turned into night and we end up in a bar with live jazz music with J and E. Awkwardness. But Awkwardness can be remedied with drinking, and often time’s hilarity ensues from the drinking. This is how we find ourselves biking to Notre Dame at 1 am me with a beer in my bike basket – followed by some groovy gymnastic moves outside of the church. The rest of the night pretty much goes as follows:

  1. J drinks from La Seine
  2. Random French bar with Sean White doppelganger
  3. Trying to get McDos to open up for us sometime between the hours of 4 and 6 am
  4. Mr. K and I getting back to our hotel realizing that it is sometime between 4 and 6 am and we have a noon flight back home.
  5. Us both praying that our wakeup call actually wakes us up
  6. Sleep
  7. Ring, wake up call success!

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Paris – Day 1

May 29, 2010

So perhaps Paris really is the city of love, since the tension between myself and Mr. K seemed to melt away upon arrival. Our first stop of course is a sidewalk café for chocolate crepes and a croquet monsieur. Simply delicious – breakfast was definitely well worth the 2 hours train ride wait!

Mr. K has never been to Paris so he chooses our itinerary for the day. It’s decided that this will be our sightseeing day. We strap on our walking shoes and head off towards Notre Dame and Isle de Citi. We wander around the streets stopping and exploring the different cheese and chocolate shops (free macaroon samples, but of course!). Nabbing a chunk of brie and sheep’s milk cheese for later. From Notre Dame we head over the Louvre on our newly acquired rental bikes, and then the Eiffel Tower – which is a rugby madhouse. Loud music blaring everywhere, Parisians dressed in rugby gear drinking out of Heineken kegs, smoke from the street meat vendors – awfulness. We snap a quick photo and run away back to our bikes.

Dinner is at La Societe, which is the biggest secret dinner hot spot on all of Paris – according to Mr.K’s boss. We spend the next three hours chatting over the biggest escargot I have ever seen (YUM!), tender lobster and amazing dessert while trying to spot models and French celebs.

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10£ Fight

May 29, 2010

“Here can you take this and get us something to eat while I wait in the security line” Mr.K in amidst chaos in the London train station.

 I look down into my hand and count 2£30, hmmmmm what can I possible buy with 2£30? Where is the rest of the change from the cab ride?? So I end up buying a pain au chocolate still contemplating why I was only given 2£ to buy breakfast. I return to the security line and hand Mr. K the pain and the change.

 “Where is the rest??” Mr. K

“The rest of what?” Me

 “The money I gave you, 10£” Mr. K

 “No you gave me about 2£“ Me

 Then we proceeded to fight over the whereabouts of the mystical 10£. We never did find the money, but we did manage to pretty much ruin the chunnel to Paris due to our mini fight. There we sat grumpy and me hungry watching the cheery this group of Londoners toast champagne and eat cake in honor of a birthday celebration, practicing their terrible French all giddy about going to Paris. That should be me or us sipping champagne and having a blast headed to Paris, instead here I sit angry being accused of losing 10£ that I never had.

Paris city of love, here we come.

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London Calling – Again

I like London. I like the tube. I like the parks. I like how the streets are kinda crazy and not in some uniform tight knit grid. The food however, is slightly terrible, excluding the cherries I bought from the farmers market.

Mr. K works 90% of the time during the London visits. So I spent the majority of my time wandering around in the streets and antique jewelry and vintage clothing markets. Portobello Market maybe one of the best ways to spend a Friday morning.

Last time I was in London I played busy tourist running all over the city to every site, museum and department store on Fodor’s “must see” list. This time I decided to spend my time laying in Hyde Park, eating ice cream with a flake (I still am not really sure what a flake is somewhere between a chocolate stick and coco powder) and ogling the jewels, jems and pearls at Grey Antique Market.  Well maybe a little more than just oogling. I did spot heavenly gold necklace, that unknown to me just happened to be vintage YSL. Once I put her on I knew she had to come home with me. I’m calling her my promotion present.

I also got to see the London office 5th floor softball game, which was quite amusing. Londoners do not know how to play softball. It was chaos everywhere. People running away from the ball, people not standing on the bases – the ball was enormous and no one had a glove. But I have to give them credit – I would have no clue what to do if someone handed me a cricket bat.

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I finally made it to London! We took off at about 1:30 am and I arrived just before 1 pm London time.  Now if all goes well Mr.K should be meeting me in the hotel any minute. And he is here!

Sooooooo, the rumor mill was ablaze last night in the poor peoples airport lounge. The word in terminal 55 as told by the older british lady is as follows: Older british lady heard that the ex Pakistani president was scheduled to be on our flight from another passenger on our flight who was drinking with the ex Pakistani president in the VIP lounge pre flight. All of a sudden ex Pakistani president fled  Newark airport, creating a huge uneasyness with the TSA, since our flight was already classified as high risk due to the fact that we were transporting the ex Pakistani president over the Atlantic. So increased security screenings were ordered for our plane, these security screenings usually only take 2 hours according to the man behind the Virgina Atlantic counter, but ours took about 4.

After security had been called to our gate about 50 billion times and they unloaded and reloaded all of our baggage we were finally allowed to board the plane. As soon as we were all buckled in and the cabin doors were shut our lovely captain got on the PA and announced the reason why our flight was delayed,. apparently during the security check traces of explosives were found on all the food and beverage carts. This is bad, so the TSA called in the bomb squad, and explosive sniffing dogs and our entire plane along with all of our baggage had to be checked our by both the bomb squad and sniffer dogs. I thought this announcement would send some people into a panic demanding to be let off the plane, but nope no one seemed to care, including me. We all just wanted to get this ship moving across the Atlantic. And across the Atlantic we went.

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London Calling


London is calling, unfortunatly I am unable to answer it! I am stuck at the airport due to ongoing security delays, awesome. Not only am I stuck here, but I have to listen to announcements every 15 minutes about how how we are delayed and will be delayed for an indefinite amount of time. Great virgin atlantic thanks for the pointless updates the are interrupting my reading time. To top it all off the bar just did last call. Really airport bar, you are really going to announce last call when there is an entire airplane load of people here stranded waiting for their plane to leave. The only way this could be worse is if I were actually stuck on the plane. Wait that might actually be better since then I would be able to take my advil pm and knock myself out and wake up in wonderful london.

Instead here I sit eating an entire bag of m&ms freezing and frusterated. But my words are powerful so I will announce to the world that my plane will begin boarding NOW!!

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Summertime in Korea

May 12, 2010

Tonight Mr. K and I did a korean themed cooking class with JR and IS at the culinary center at Whole Food on Bowery. The menu had me a bit worried a lot of pig and cow, beef being something that I do not eat unless I’m feeling adventurous! On the menu were pork dumplings, cold buckwheat noodle soup, korean BBQed short ribs and Korean sundaes. Everything was soooooo yummy! I even sampled some of the short ribs. Our table scarfed down everything! JR and IS made great cooking partners, entertaining us with stories from their Morocco trip and IS’s new “sesame cucumber fragrance”. It was a lot of fun!

At some point in the conversation turned to, well I’m not quite sure what it turned to, but IS mentioned how he would love to go to Montana and Wyoming. Well he sure did pick the right state, as we all know Mr.K would probably marry WY if he could, then they could be together forever. Then a few weeks back JS was talking about a former flame and how he is really into mountain sports and would love the west, Wyoming would be right up his ally.  I find this interesting because before I met Mr.K I never thought about WY, let alone thought I would ever want to take a trip there. Now living/vacation in Wyoming seems to be one everyone’s brain. This makes me wonder if dude ranches and vast wilderness will soon replace Monaco and Seychelles for the “it” vacation spots, or at least become the new “it” vacation spots within the continental US. Are people trading lazy days on the beach for sporty mountain climbing vacations?? Mr.K and I have definetly taken our share of wilderness vacations treking from one town to another in AK, and then there is the upcoming mountain trek in Tanzania. Personally I like a nice mix of both!

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Honeymoon Is On!

It’s official! We are honeymooning in Africa for three whole weeks! The deposit has been sent in and the itinerary finalized!

We have been finalizing plans and making adjustments for this trip for weeks, at times it never seemed like we would finish. The whole thing was a bit overwhelming. Waiting to hear back from Kenya to see of the lodging we wanted was available, trying to figure out which game reserves we wanted to go to, and waiting for Mr. K to hear back about his vacation time. In the end everything worked out! Now we just need to get our shots, pack our bags, and wait for the days to tick by!

Our itinerary is awesome! I started bouncing around in my chair the first time I looked it over. We are so very lucky! So here’s our trip hopefully we made the right choices:

day 1-2 Nairobi 

day 3-5 Samburu

day 6-8 Laikipia

day 9-12 Masai Mara

day 13-15 Trek up Mt. Meru

day 16 Arusha

day 17-22 Zanzibar

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Kentucky Derby Party

May 1, 2010

Our 3rd annual Kentucky Derby party was infield themed. What would be super appropriate for an infield themed derby party?? A KEG! Yes, folks that is right Mr. K and I have finally accomplished our dream of having a keg on our patio! But the keg we got wasn’t really a dream come true:( It was a foam monster. As I prepped veggies in the kitchen I watched as Mr. K brought in pitcher after of pitcher of foam, not a drop of liquid. This is how our keg performed for the majority of our party, it got a little better as the sun began to set, but not much. Our keg dreams turned out to be a bust.

Luckily we had plenty of back up booze: mint juleps, Arnold palmers, bourbon and more bourbon. We got a pretty good turn out now that we are in Jersey City and all – it’s a decent commute especially for those who live out in Queens.

I was happy with the derby party lots of bets were made, lots of people were able to sit on our couch (that no one spilled on!) and it was the most beautiful day we have had so far, not a drop of wind on the patio. No one drunkenly fell off the patio, but we did have one fall head first on to the patio, but she survived with minor cuts and bruises. So now we just sit back and relax till next year.

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