Clevelands Biggest Loser

July 8, 2010

“Do you wanna watch Lebron?” Mr. K

“I don’t care. He needs to stay in Cleveland, they need him and that is the only place where he will remain the big star” Me

First off I would just like to say that basketball has never been my favorite sport. I have a great dislike for the larger than life egos and even larger salaries. And now “King” Lebron James has given me reason to dislike it even more.

I was born and raised in Cleveland all my 22 years of life before I moved out to NYC. Yes, I do not currently live in Cleveland, nor do I particularly want to move back – ever. But I have a loyalty to Cleveland and will defend it in the face of all the nasty Cleveland jokes – a sense of pride for my home town in spite of the fact that it is “the mistake on the lake.” And last night at around 9:30 pm Cleveland was raped by Lebron James. Clevelanders were good fans to him – although myself am not a Cavs fan, (nor a fan of any basketball team for that matter) some of my friends are the most aggressive Cavs fans I have ever seen despite the fact that they now live in NYC. Cleveland deserved him, and now it deserves better. Better watch it Bron Bron, first your jerseys will burn and then your house.

Well Mr. James I hope you have fun in Miami sharing your fans, fame and your crown with Dwayne Wayne and that other good guy. You have just been dethroned, you are no longer the star, no longer the king – you gave that up when you gave up on Cleveland and your teammates.

What will happen if you don’t get your precious ring?? When you realize that you are not a winner, and you become basketballs biggest loser. Will you be holding another hour long press conference then???


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Eating the Freezer

March 19, 2010

Mr. K and I have locked down our move out day! For a while I was worried that we would not be able to find available movers, but we got lucky and our super cheap mover became available.

A few weeks back I was really into making soups and chili – I made double batches of everything I cooked up and froze half. All of these homemade concoctions are sitting in our freezer begging to be eaten before we move. Mr. K and I set a goal to eat as much of our existing food as we possible can before we move. There will be no moving boxes full of half-eaten food like s the last time. So we have about two weeks eat our way through our food supply. I’m expecting things to get pretty interesting as the days go by. Hopefully I will be able to create some innovative delicious recipes, instead of kitchen disasters. Only time will tell, as for right now we have had a bag of cooked white beans sitting lonely in our fridge for the past two days. I’mcounting on this weekend to provide me with some rustic recipes for my average beans.

So in an attempt to reach our goal we brought a few snacks for the car ride:

1/3 brick of cream cheese

1/3 bag of wheat thins

huge bag of sun chips

1/4 bag kettle chips

6 beers

2 diet cokes

large bag of twizzlers

couple handfuls of trail mix

If all goes well we will not be returning with any of it

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March 15, 2010

Mr. K and I brought a whole lotta disorganized mess to our NJ apartment. Truth be told we didn’t have much time to purge all of our files and various paper stacks stacked around our former pad. So now instead of having one small disorganized mess we have we have two – the one we dragged across the river and the one we acquired on the other side. I refuse to carry this baggage to our next stop. It’s time to purge.

I have a really terrible habit of saving everything! During the 30 minutes I spent ransacking some of  my files I found:

  • Bank and credit card statements from 2005
  • Medical records from college
  • A used tea bag from my London trip with Mr. K (I did find this to be a little creepy)
  • Around 50 extra buttons clipped from shirts and pants I bought over the past 5 years

I shredded everything but the tea bag and the buttons. The tea bag stays on the following grounds:

  • That was Mr. K and my first international trip together
  • I am really big into tea. London is really big into tea time. Hence for me this is a souvenir.

So in 30 minutes I successfully converted my big pile of crap into a small neatly contained tidy pile of important documents. This is only the beginning of the fun. Wednesday is major purge day, which I’m sure will lead to a chaotic papery mess in our living room.

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Apartment Guests

Jan. 23, 2010

 Tonight my city gal pals are coming over to Jersey. After some fajitas, and a lot of wine we got a little restless and started playing drinking games. Since I do not own any traditional board games, we decided to create our own. I will not mention the name of these games, but I will say they were hilarious and highly entertaining! I’m happy that my friends crossed the state lines for some good times and great memories.

While we were gulping down vino, JS’s sister went into labor. She wanted to do it naturally no drugs, no c-section no nothing. That is one brave momma. Nowadays it seems as though a lot of births a mechanized. Most moms to be, myself included don’t want to remember the pain and agony of birthing a child. Which got me wondering if you don’t remember the pain and agony do you actually remember giving birth to your baby? If you didn’t get to hold it in your arms immediately, would you even know if it came out? Anyways just a thought. As of this very moment, I would rather hold a glass of wine over a baby any day!

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Jan. 7, 2010

Tonight I did an exercise that helps you to see what character you play in life.  Whether you are Clark Kent turning into Superman, the Princess locked in the tower waiting for Prince Charming, or the martyr who must sacrifice herself time after time. We had to pretend our life was a movie, play etc. and describe how our “movie life” is played out. Here is what I found out about myself:

The Plot: I am the young ingenue who is waiting for something to come along and make her life to become great and meaningful.

Theme music: girlie teenie bopper pop songs. One minute there is a song playing about how life is great and I am happy, then a sappy sad song, than happy, then sexy, then angry.You get the idea.

Genre: melo-dramady adventure

A few characteristics of my character: creative, sarcastic, loving, spiteful, motivated, indecisive, unwilling to commit, adventurous.

My ongoing dilemma: I am motivated yet indecisive.

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