Eating the Freezer

March 19, 2010

Mr. K and I have locked down our move out day! For a while I was worried that we would not be able to find available movers, but we got lucky and our super cheap mover became available.

A few weeks back I was really into making soups and chili – I made double batches of everything I cooked up and froze half. All of these homemade concoctions are sitting in our freezer begging to be eaten before we move. Mr. K and I set a goal to eat as much of our existing food as we possible can before we move. There will be no moving boxes full of half-eaten food like s the last time. So we have about two weeks eat our way through our food supply. I’m expecting things to get pretty interesting as the days go by. Hopefully I will be able to create some innovative delicious recipes, instead of kitchen disasters. Only time will tell, as for right now we have had a bag of cooked white beans sitting lonely in our fridge for the past two days. I’mcounting on this weekend to provide me with some rustic recipes for my average beans.

So in an attempt to reach our goal we brought a few snacks for the car ride:

1/3 brick of cream cheese

1/3 bag of wheat thins

huge bag of sun chips

1/4 bag kettle chips

6 beers

2 diet cokes

large bag of twizzlers

couple handfuls of trail mix

If all goes well we will not be returning with any of it


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Feb. 17, 2010

Bo ssam. Tonight Mr.K and I met up with some friends at Momofuku’s Ssam Bar to try and devour 8 pounds of pork butt and various other accompaniments. Ssam Bar has a menu option for 6-10 people that involves a whole lotta pork and sauce – you just can’t go wrong with that combo. So there we are sitting at the table wondering what the heck is going to come out of the kitchen. Then this huge tender falling off the bone slab of pig comes parading out of the kitchen, landing on our table. Next comes the oysters, then rice, sauce and lettuce. The server give us our instructions, which are to put some rice in a lettuce leaf add pork any sauce and top it with an oyster. They the most delicious little lettuce wraps! Yum! Let me tell you our table took down that pork butt, nothing left but fat and bone!

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