Genet Cat Genet Cat What are They Feeding You…


Over Thanksgiving I visited my grandma who told me that I should take a journal on every trip, so I can take notes on where I’ve been and remember the memories that were made there. So for that reason I’m going to finish up the summary of our Africa trip.

At Saruni, we were told stories of a genet cat who was infamous for sneaking into rooms and eating the cookies brought with the  tea. Everyone who worked there seemed to have a story of this genet cat, so of course Mr. K and I devised a plot to meet this wild “pet”.

Our last night in Saruni we had a yummy dinner in our room accompanied by champagne and wine. Half way through the champagne we decided to create a cookie trail leading from our front door into our dining room to lure the genet cat in. Mr. K kept a secret stash of tea cookies in a pocket of his safari vest. We broke apart one cookie and trailed the pieces into the room. No luck. The only thing eating the cookies by the end of dinner were ants. I toss the cookies bits outside the front door.

Later on we head into the bedroom. Once we are safe and secure inside of our mosquito net bed we begin to hear the oddest noise. A mix of scratching and clicking. Mr. K bravely gets out of bed to investigate (remember we have no walls to protect us on one side of our room).

He gets his headlamp switches it on and sees the genet cat sitting comfortably in the chair biting a hole through his safari vest to get at the cookies. He sees Mr. K and scurries from the room. So of course I jump out of bed put on a headlamp and make a cookie trail to see if he will come back. He does. Fearlessly entering our room and the spot lights of our headlamps and walks around eating all of the cookie crumbs, making a leisurely exit.

In the morning Sylvester pointed out that there were hyena tracks all the front entry way to our room. Perhaps they like cookies too.


December 3, 2010. Tags: , , , . Travel.

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