Saruni Samburu

Aug 2010

Built into the mountain side overlooking a huge valley of redish gold landscape, and blue skies lies Saruni – the first stop on our safari adventure. It absolutely took my breath away. Mr. K and I were definitely not expecting this scale of luxury!

Saruni Samburu is operated on community land owned by the local tribes, and rented by the owners of the lodge. Saruni also employs the local tribes men and women. The lodge is located about 15 minutes from the local reserve. On route we pass the “thumbs up, Saruni is the best rock”, and watch in awe as our land rover does some rock climbing to our destination. We are greeted by the staff members who will be taking care of us for the next few days and make our way up to the lodge. It was nothing like I expected – I was totally unprepared for what I saw – a huge gorgeous valley view and a lodge that was literally built into the mountain side. We followed the Tom, camp manager down a long path to our “room” aka huge suite that opened up into a cliff overlooking the valley. Everywhere you look was nature’s beauty the place was brilliant. It was more than I wanted. That afternoon we watched the sunset in our outdoor sitting room with a bottle (or two) of wine and bitings. We have found heaven and it looks like two wine bottles and an African desert valley.

We then had to answer the pressing question of where would you like to dine tonight? In your room or the lodge.  Room please! And that folks is pretty much how the rest of our stay went in Saruni whatever we wanted was offered. Private game drives easily done, private dinner done, sundowners and a bonfire right this way, massages, and infinity pool yep we got those too. We could have it all and it was all for us – literally we were the only guests! And it spoiled us big time!


September 25, 2010. Travel.

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