Samburu Safari Day 1

Aug. 24, 2010

We are picked up from the Buffalo Springs “airport” by our guides, Chris a Samburu Masai warrior and Simon the warrior in training. They lay down the rules of their safari and off we drove over the bumpy red roads to begin what is our first safari ever! The Samburu landscape consists of mostly red sand and super thorny bushes that are conveniently located on the edge of the road threatening to stab you at every curve. Our guides wear the traditional red robes of their Masai tribe, brightly colored beaded bracelets and these wonderful head pieces that bring the whole outfit together. At times other tourists found our guides to be more entertaining than the animals. Once pair of UK folks asked us if they could take a photo of our guides – to which I thought um why don’t you ask them???

Anyways our very first animal sighting are dik dik’s tiny antelope looking things that we soon find out are as common as squirrels or pigeons – at least in Samburu – in southern Kenya, dik diks are less and less of a common occurrence. We see impala everywhere, gerenuks eating leaves on their hind legs (they are nicknamed giraffe antelopes for their long giraffe like necks) and the blue ball monkeys (aka vervet monkeys) – yes they are named for a certain part of their blue anatomy.

 Next we drive up into a herd of elephants! Huge elephants just a few feet from the car and they don’t even seem to care! Next up we find a bunch of young giraffes and see one timidly step up to the river to drink water right next to a little croc sunning itself on a grassy patch. Seconds later two young elephants bust out of the bush ahead of us in a mock fight pushing each other with their trunks and mini tusks! Look to your left, are those giraffes kissing?  – why yes I believe they are! Nat Geo has nothing on this! Such an abundance of wildlife all within a few yards of each other.

We are lucky enough to see all the Samburu five on our first day of safari. Oryx, gerenuk, Gevey’s zebras, ostrich, and reticulated giraffe – these 5 animals are only in the Samburu region of Kenya (northern parts of Kenya). We stop for a bush lunch near a natural spring and eat with some curious Grevey’s zebras and then head off to Saruni.

If you want to follow our honeymoon adventure through photos check out our website!


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