Nairobi, Kenya

August 23, 2010

Today we had a nice workout and then went to breakfast at our first hotel of the trip, the Fairview in Nairobi.  The hotel has a 5 acre compound that is lush and manicured with big walls to keep out we are not sure who!

Our itinerary today was to explore Nairobi. First stop was the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage.  Here amazingly dedicated handlers raise baby elephants, mostly who have lost their mothers to poachers.  The elephants are infants to 3 year olds at this location and they are raised to age 10 at the next stop, before being released into the wild.  It was cool to see the baby elephants running from the woods with their handlers, eager to get to the “show” where they guzzle giant baby bottles filled with milk.  After feed time, romp-aroom begins!

see all our pictures here

There were also three rhino’s at the center, one of which was blind.  Unfortunately for him that means he has to stay in his pen, but a good thing for the rest of us!

Next we went to the Giraffe Sanctuary where the Rothchilds subspecies is being nursed back from endangerment by habitat loss and poaching in Uganda.  We got to feed them and one gave Heather a big wet kiss!

Then we did a little shopping and went to Karen Blixton Museum, where she lived and where they filmed “Out of Africa” based on her book.  It was pretty cool to see that place, but today the elephants stole the show!  Next stop safari at Samburu, not sure when we will be having internet access again but we will be using this blog as our journal of what we do each day and will post it when we can.


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Africa, Honeymoon, Here we come!!

August 21-22, 2010

In the spirit of the Friends Monica and Chandler honeymoon episode Mr. K and I arrived at JFK airport expecting a free upgrade to first class.

Me: Hey! how’s it going? It’s our honeymoon we were wondering if there is anything available in first class. (wink wink)

Emerates ticket man: Yes there is for an upgrade fee of $8,000 a ticket.

Me: OK. What about business class?

Emerates ticket man: yep $4,000 a ticket

Me: OK. how about emergency row seating.

Emerates ticket man: (makes a whispered phone call where only thing i make out is honeymoon couple.) Yes we have something available.

We may not have been first  class but we got the most pimped out seats in coach, the first row with about 4 feet of empty space in front of us and an extra seat in our row (which later acted as a trash can for all the wine bottles we consumed.) Then we met Jesse our flight attendant friend who hooked us up the rest of the flight, our honeymoon was off to a smashing start.

So a 12 hour flight to Dubai. What to do what to do, well there was movie watching, photo book reading, pong playing and flight watching – where we realized that we were flying over Iraq – Baghdad etc, are there no such things as no fly zones anymore??

Soon we arrive in Dubai and yes it is as designer as everyone says  – pretty much 5th ave in an airport where they sell $127 headphones like JFK sells .25 cent Posts. So here we are thinking that we are in the most modern totally together airport, where the chairs are not just sitting chairs they are recliners.

Finally Nairobi where was meet our driver Gibson holding a sign reading Kocubinski/Ritchey just past baggage claim. It has secretly been a dream of mine that a drive will meet me with a sign at an airport waiting to take me away to a exotic place, and now my dream has  true (but even better than my dream since my dream has turned into my honeymoon with Mr. K. )We are truly blessed.

We jump on our Safari bus and head to our hotel a 5 acre oasis in the middle of the city. Beautiful. We have dinner and are now turning in for what should be an awesome day of giraffe and elephant sanctuaries, open air markets and much more!

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