Paris Day 2

May 30, 2010

Paris, day 2 – French Open and the scavenger hunt. Looking back this entire day seemed to be somewhat of a scavenger hunt.  Mr.K and I hunted for the Metro after another amazing breakfast that consisted of cheesy goodness and a perfect bright orange egg on top! Then we hunted for J and E at the French Open – although we did get a little distracted the Polish doubles and front row seating.

Then we hunted for a café to sit and have a drink at, and then we got real – we decided to do what every tourist in Paris should do: Eat and Drink their way through a Parisian neighborhood. We started out by hitting up the patisserie near our hotel for French pastry, a baguette, and a crepe avec nutella et framboise. Then we found the nearest café and during the standard 20 minutes wait for our champagne to be delivered to our table, created a scavenger hunt list. Here is most of what we came up with:

Guinness – Mr. K

French beer – Mrs. K (kronberg)

Champagne – both

Red and white wine – both

Savory – both (crepes w/glass white wine) – Mine was sooooooo good – I LOVE French eggs

  1. Sweet – both (pain au chocolate and Meringue)

Cheese and bread – (brie, sheep’s and baguette with red wine)

Wild card – both

Touch water – both (fountain at Jardin du Luxembourg and La Seine)

Smoke something – both (not accomplished)

Drink a beer in the street – Mrs. K (Duvel purchased from a bar and toted along on my bike)

I believe the only thing that we did not accomplish was to smoke something. After our champagne we went off in search of a good ol American dive bar, Mr.K knew just the place. We tapped their Guinness keg watched some hockey and tried to avoid eye contact with the creepy homeless guy wandering aimlessly around the bar asking for ciggys. Next was food time we found another very American crepe place I ordered the best crepe ever (well maybe this one is second to the duck crepe in Montreal) stuffed with cheese spinach and a perfectly fried egg. Mr. K’s crepe not very good, but its ok he helped me eat mine.

We wandered and found a cute pastry shop with huge white fluffy meringues (oh lala!) for me and a pain au chocolate (his pastry of choice)for Mr.K. With the sweet safely in my bad we asked for the nearest wine store, of course! We ask the wine shop owner if she would help us pick out a nice bottle of red for bread and cheese eating. We get our bottle and two glasses and head back to the hotel.

With Bread, wine, cheese, and pastries in tow we picnic among the manicured trees and blooming flowers in the Jardin du Luxembourg.  We then decided to take on some wild cards:

  1. Activity involving statues
  2. Make out in the rain
  3. Run back to our hotel before J and E get there.

At some point during the best day ever in Paris, day turned into night and we end up in a bar with live jazz music with J and E. Awkwardness. But Awkwardness can be remedied with drinking, and often time’s hilarity ensues from the drinking. This is how we find ourselves biking to Notre Dame at 1 am me with a beer in my bike basket – followed by some groovy gymnastic moves outside of the church. The rest of the night pretty much goes as follows:

  1. J drinks from La Seine
  2. Random French bar with Sean White doppelganger
  3. Trying to get McDos to open up for us sometime between the hours of 4 and 6 am
  4. Mr. K and I getting back to our hotel realizing that it is sometime between 4 and 6 am and we have a noon flight back home.
  5. Us both praying that our wakeup call actually wakes us up
  6. Sleep
  7. Ring, wake up call success!

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