Paris – Day 1

May 29, 2010

So perhaps Paris really is the city of love, since the tension between myself and Mr. K seemed to melt away upon arrival. Our first stop of course is a sidewalk café for chocolate crepes and a croquet monsieur. Simply delicious – breakfast was definitely well worth the 2 hours train ride wait!

Mr. K has never been to Paris so he chooses our itinerary for the day. It’s decided that this will be our sightseeing day. We strap on our walking shoes and head off towards Notre Dame and Isle de Citi. We wander around the streets stopping and exploring the different cheese and chocolate shops (free macaroon samples, but of course!). Nabbing a chunk of brie and sheep’s milk cheese for later. From Notre Dame we head over the Louvre on our newly acquired rental bikes, and then the Eiffel Tower – which is a rugby madhouse. Loud music blaring everywhere, Parisians dressed in rugby gear drinking out of Heineken kegs, smoke from the street meat vendors – awfulness. We snap a quick photo and run away back to our bikes.

Dinner is at La Societe, which is the biggest secret dinner hot spot on all of Paris – according to Mr.K’s boss. We spend the next three hours chatting over the biggest escargot I have ever seen (YUM!), tender lobster and amazing dessert while trying to spot models and French celebs.


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