Clevelands Biggest Loser

July 8, 2010

“Do you wanna watch Lebron?” Mr. K

“I don’t care. He needs to stay in Cleveland, they need him and that is the only place where he will remain the big star” Me

First off I would just like to say that basketball has never been my favorite sport. I have a great dislike for the larger than life egos and even larger salaries. And now “King” Lebron James has given me reason to dislike it even more.

I was born and raised in Cleveland all my 22 years of life before I moved out to NYC. Yes, I do not currently live in Cleveland, nor do I particularly want to move back – ever. But I have a loyalty to Cleveland and will defend it in the face of all the nasty Cleveland jokes – a sense of pride for my home town in spite of the fact that it is “the mistake on the lake.” And last night at around 9:30 pm Cleveland was raped by Lebron James. Clevelanders were good fans to him – although myself am not a Cavs fan, (nor a fan of any basketball team for that matter) some of my friends are the most aggressive Cavs fans I have ever seen despite the fact that they now live in NYC. Cleveland deserved him, and now it deserves better. Better watch it Bron Bron, first your jerseys will burn and then your house.

Well Mr. James I hope you have fun in Miami sharing your fans, fame and your crown with Dwayne Wayne and that other good guy. You have just been dethroned, you are no longer the star, no longer the king – you gave that up when you gave up on Cleveland and your teammates.

What will happen if you don’t get your precious ring?? When you realize that you are not a winner, and you become basketballs biggest loser. Will you be holding another hour long press conference then???


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