10£ Fight

May 29, 2010

“Here can you take this and get us something to eat while I wait in the security line” Mr.K in amidst chaos in the London train station.

 I look down into my hand and count 2£30, hmmmmm what can I possible buy with 2£30? Where is the rest of the change from the cab ride?? So I end up buying a pain au chocolate still contemplating why I was only given 2£ to buy breakfast. I return to the security line and hand Mr. K the pain and the change.

 “Where is the rest??” Mr. K

“The rest of what?” Me

 “The money I gave you, 10£” Mr. K

 “No you gave me about 2£“ Me

 Then we proceeded to fight over the whereabouts of the mystical 10£. We never did find the money, but we did manage to pretty much ruin the chunnel to Paris due to our mini fight. There we sat grumpy and me hungry watching the cheery this group of Londoners toast champagne and eat cake in honor of a birthday celebration, practicing their terrible French all giddy about going to Paris. That should be me or us sipping champagne and having a blast headed to Paris, instead here I sit angry being accused of losing 10£ that I never had.

Paris city of love, here we come.


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London Calling – Again

I like London. I like the tube. I like the parks. I like how the streets are kinda crazy and not in some uniform tight knit grid. The food however, is slightly terrible, excluding the cherries I bought from the farmers market.

Mr. K works 90% of the time during the London visits. So I spent the majority of my time wandering around in the streets and antique jewelry and vintage clothing markets. Portobello Market maybe one of the best ways to spend a Friday morning.

Last time I was in London I played busy tourist running all over the city to every site, museum and department store on Fodor’s “must see” list. This time I decided to spend my time laying in Hyde Park, eating ice cream with a flake (I still am not really sure what a flake is somewhere between a chocolate stick and coco powder) and ogling the jewels, jems and pearls at Grey Antique Market.  Well maybe a little more than just oogling. I did spot heavenly gold necklace, that unknown to me just happened to be vintage YSL. Once I put her on I knew she had to come home with me. I’m calling her my promotion present.

I also got to see the London office 5th floor softball game, which was quite amusing. Londoners do not know how to play softball. It was chaos everywhere. People running away from the ball, people not standing on the bases – the ball was enormous and no one had a glove. But I have to give them credit – I would have no clue what to do if someone handed me a cricket bat.

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