I finally made it to London! We took off at about 1:30 am and I arrived just before 1 pm London time.  Now if all goes well Mr.K should be meeting me in the hotel any minute. And he is here!

Sooooooo, the rumor mill was ablaze last night in the poor peoples airport lounge. The word in terminal 55 as told by the older british lady is as follows: Older british lady heard that the ex Pakistani president was scheduled to be on our flight from another passenger on our flight who was drinking with the ex Pakistani president in the VIP lounge pre flight. All of a sudden ex Pakistani president fled  Newark airport, creating a huge uneasyness with the TSA, since our flight was already classified as high risk due to the fact that we were transporting the ex Pakistani president over the Atlantic. So increased security screenings were ordered for our plane, these security screenings usually only take 2 hours according to the man behind the Virgina Atlantic counter, but ours took about 4.

After security had been called to our gate about 50 billion times and they unloaded and reloaded all of our baggage we were finally allowed to board the plane. As soon as we were all buckled in and the cabin doors were shut our lovely captain got on the PA and announced the reason why our flight was delayed,. apparently during the security check traces of explosives were found on all the food and beverage carts. This is bad, so the TSA called in the bomb squad, and explosive sniffing dogs and our entire plane along with all of our baggage had to be checked our by both the bomb squad and sniffer dogs. I thought this announcement would send some people into a panic demanding to be let off the plane, but nope no one seemed to care, including me. We all just wanted to get this ship moving across the Atlantic. And across the Atlantic we went.


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