London Calling


London is calling, unfortunatly I am unable to answer it! I am stuck at the airport due to ongoing security delays, awesome. Not only am I stuck here, but I have to listen to announcements every 15 minutes about how how we are delayed and will be delayed for an indefinite amount of time. Great virgin atlantic thanks for the pointless updates the are interrupting my reading time. To top it all off the bar just did last call. Really airport bar, you are really going to announce last call when there is an entire airplane load of people here stranded waiting for their plane to leave. The only way this could be worse is if I were actually stuck on the plane. Wait that might actually be better since then I would be able to take my advil pm and knock myself out and wake up in wonderful london.

Instead here I sit eating an entire bag of m&ms freezing and frusterated. But my words are powerful so I will announce to the world that my plane will begin boarding NOW!!


May 26, 2010. Tags: , , . Travel.

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