Kentucky Derby Party

May 1, 2010

Our 3rd annual Kentucky Derby party was infield themed. What would be super appropriate for an infield themed derby party?? A KEG! Yes, folks that is right Mr. K and I have finally accomplished our dream of having a keg on our patio! But the keg we got wasn’t really a dream come true:( It was a foam monster. As I prepped veggies in the kitchen I watched as Mr. K brought in pitcher after of pitcher of foam, not a drop of liquid. This is how our keg performed for the majority of our party, it got a little better as the sun began to set, but not much. Our keg dreams turned out to be a bust.

Luckily we had plenty of back up booze: mint juleps, Arnold palmers, bourbon and more bourbon. We got a pretty good turn out now that we are in Jersey City and all – it’s a decent commute especially for those who live out in Queens.

I was happy with the derby party lots of bets were made, lots of people were able to sit on our couch (that no one spilled on!) and it was the most beautiful day we have had so far, not a drop of wind on the patio. No one drunkenly fell off the patio, but we did have one fall head first on to the patio, but she survived with minor cuts and bruises. So now we just sit back and relax till next year.


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