10 Minutes to Save My World

April 23, 2010

“It’s like we live in this awesome treehouse” Mr. K

That pretty much sums it up. I really really love our apartment, Mr. K really really loves our apartment. We really really love our apartment! It’s amazing how much can change in 10 minutes. 10 minutes is the time it took us to get from our old apartment to our new apartment. That 10 minutes has given me a new outlook on life and Jersey City. I’m sure Mr. K is happy that my drunken screaming other half has disappeared, in fact she is probably stuck waiting for the bus at the end of our old street.

I never realized how much of an impact my neighborhood had on my mood and my life in general. I was miserable living at the old place. My misery seemed to seep into the lives of others, especially Mr. K. I’m sure it was no picnic being around me for those six months, I barely wanted to be around me. I started to see how much the whole situation was affecting him, when towards the end, he would start to complain right along with me, doubling the misery.  I knew I affected other people to a certain extent, but never really saw the total destruction I could bring to all those around me, and then all those around them. If I talk trash to all of my friends then in turn they can start talking trash to all their friends creating this terrible chaotic reaction. If I talk calm, loving warmth, then it can create a brilliant, shimmering world around me, and others.  I think I had forgotten that the power of one is so strong and can touch so many. I was too busy being stuck in the black hole that was my old apartment, completely focused on myself and my misery to see the shift that was taking place in my relationships because of it.

Needless to say the trashperson has come and cleaned up my being, so now there is space for the new and the lovely to come on in!


April 23, 2010. Jersey City.

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