Regaining Balance

April 13, 2010

Currently I am failing at balancing all of my commitments, projects, family, friends, career. I am out of whack. A few months ago I had a decent balance – it wasn’t ideal, but it was miles better than what I have going on now. Between the move, the movers, finding stools, honeymoon plans, seeing friends, speaking to my family – I can’t get it straight – I’m constantly dropping something. I’ve spent more time baking Easter cupcakes, braking down boxes and chasing after UES barstools than I have with my friends. The lovely folks at Comcast and I are practically family – at least I speak to them more than I do my real family. In the past week, I’ve been to Bed Bath and Beyond almost as often as I go to work.

I keep on waiting for things to slow down, but I don’t think they ever will (besides the weekend in Feb. when just about everyone I knew headed to the west coast – that was a slow one.) I used to see this as a bad thing, but now I’ve come to realize that is actually really really great! The instant things start to slow down is when I stop being able to live all of these truly awesome amazing moments. I’m a blessed  lucky person to have such wonderful people in my life, and to be able to go on such amazing adventures. It’s up to me not to take advantage of it, and not to waste a minute of it! I can do this as long as I can remain calm, don’t panic and  don’t drop any of the pieces I’m juggling.


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