Unpacking. Still.

April 11, 2010

I spent the majority of this weekend unpacking, straightening and cleaning up from all the unpacking. Yet, our apartment still doesn’t feel homey. I can’t quite figure out why. Maybe it’s because there is still a bunch of random things scattered along the bar, or maybe it’s because we do not have our couch, or perhaps it’s due to the fact that despite all my cleaning there are still little crumbles all over the floors.

Every time Mr. K left the house this weekend I said that by the time he gets back our apartment will be in order. Every time he came back the apartment was not in order. The shadow boxes and flattened champagne need to go on the wall, the plants need to be planted, Mr.K’s clothes need to be put away – all this out of place stuff is starting to irk me. Then there’s the fact that I’m still missing a handful of wedding gifts that I need, that could not be found and seem to be hidden in some far nook of Mr. K’s dads house. Where is my egg timer? My steak knives? My aprons? (OK so maybe I don’t need all the aprons, but I would like the egg timer.)Not to mention that this missing stuff will need to be unpacked and placed somewhere in our apartment.

I think I am a little OCD when it comes to cleaning/organizing.  Like Monica in the show Friends – she could always tell when something was moved or out of place. I watched Mr.K navigate the kitchen as he was making fish for dinner. My eagle eye watching to be sure he put everything back in the right place, trying to explain that the large white cutting board is not used for raw protein, only veggies, and watching so he cleaned everything effectively. Sound anal? – yes well I might just be a little anal. I don’t like when things are not put back in their proper place, I don’t like papers scattered all over, and I don’t like the possibility for cross contamination, (yet I have no problem eating all of the left over batter, raw eggs and all.)

The fact is we are going to be in the apartment for a while, if it is clean to begin with it might have a fighting chance to stay clean.


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