March 31, 2010

Me: “I don’t want any special wrapping/packing for any of our furniture, we are not attached to any of it if it breaks we don’t care.”

Since Mr. K did the on-site coordination of our last move, I was doing the on-site coordination of this move. The day had finally arrived, Mr. K and I are officially moving our of the suburban ghetto and into the luxury of the waterfront!

The movers showed up at 8:15 am, parked the truck, and started hauling our stuff out. This company charges to wrap furniture, we didn’t want to pay an additional $100 for a TV box so when they brought in the moving materials I specifically told them do not wrap anything you will charge us extra for. The foreman agreed and assured me that all the materials were leftovers from the truck that I would not be charged for.

The move was going really smoothly until it came down to the last little bit and pieces of our apartment. There were a few mirrors, lamps and plants that they refused to take, saying that they would have to charge me xx amount for each item since the truck is bouncy and they could break. I told them I didn’t care of they broke and to take them anyway, but they refused. Then once the van was inspected they refused to take our boxes of wine and booze bottles claiming they would break as well. So technically they did not move all of our belonging like they agreed to do during our on site estimate. As a result I had to go back to our old apartment once the movers were finished and pack up all the leftover items they refused to take.

Next came the way over the top charge for the move, we were given an estimate of $480 for the move if no packing materials were used and $550 if packing materials were used. Our total came out to be $700 hmmmmm how could this be?? Well we were charged $150 in packing after I was told we would not be charged, including $50 worth of tape!!! What?!?! Plus they lost our table top and wouldn’t move some of our stuff, in spite of the fact that they had left an entire wardrobe box empty! So now I must file a clam against them to get our money back. How annoying. Beware of these movers!


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