Can you go over there and eat that?

April 26, 2010

Mr. K : Can you turn the TV on if you are going to eat that so close to me?

Me: Ok, but how do you deal at work with everyone eating near you everyday?

Mr. K: They don’t sound like you, but I don’t like to hear them either.

Mr. K does not like for me to eat around him. It doesn’t really seem to bother him when we are eating together, just when I am eating and he is not.  He has issues with the way I eat or the sound that I make or all of the above. Not really sure the exact reason, but I know that it creeps it  him out. It’s been that way for as long as I remember, so I don’t think it’s one of those things that used to be cute but is now annoying. So that is good. At least we are not developing annoyances about each other 5 years into the relationship. That would really suck considering we are spending the rest of our lives together. 5 years is just a drop in the bucket! Then again some people get married and divorced in less than 1, so maybe 5 years is long enough to be finding little annoyances. Anyways I don’t think Mr.K and I are one of those couples. So right now we will both deal by turning the TV on in order to drowned out some of my crunch crunch.


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April 25, 2010

Last week I was in a seminar and we had to share what we were passionate about with the person sitting next to us. My partner went first and began talking about her kids. I went into panic mode – I had no idea what I was passionate about! I know what I am not passionate about – work, cleaning the toilet. But I had no idea what I was going to talk about when my turn came.

I opened my mouth having no idea what would come out. All of a sudden I hear myself talking about animals. Horses to be exact, how I used to ride and LOVED it, and want to start-up again. How it gave me confidence, taught me that I didn’t have to do what everyone else was doing during highschool. I also found myself talking about how I wanted other people to experience what I did.

The next day I realized that I had a phone call to make. One of Mr. K’s family members has horses and is involved in equine assisted psychotherapy. I met her two years ago, and she offered to take me riding. So Sunday I called her up to see of the offer stills stood. It did and the very next week I found myself riding one of her horses through a thoroughbred farm. Then later that day I found myself doing a jump course on one of her younger mares. It was fabulous! I forgot how much I missed horsies and all the freedom, fun and friendship that comes along with them.

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10 Minutes to Save My World

April 23, 2010

“It’s like we live in this awesome treehouse” Mr. K

That pretty much sums it up. I really really love our apartment, Mr. K really really loves our apartment. We really really love our apartment! It’s amazing how much can change in 10 minutes. 10 minutes is the time it took us to get from our old apartment to our new apartment. That 10 minutes has given me a new outlook on life and Jersey City. I’m sure Mr. K is happy that my drunken screaming other half has disappeared, in fact she is probably stuck waiting for the bus at the end of our old street.

I never realized how much of an impact my neighborhood had on my mood and my life in general. I was miserable living at the old place. My misery seemed to seep into the lives of others, especially Mr. K. I’m sure it was no picnic being around me for those six months, I barely wanted to be around me. I started to see how much the whole situation was affecting him, when towards the end, he would start to complain right along with me, doubling the misery.  I knew I affected other people to a certain extent, but never really saw the total destruction I could bring to all those around me, and then all those around them. If I talk trash to all of my friends then in turn they can start talking trash to all their friends creating this terrible chaotic reaction. If I talk calm, loving warmth, then it can create a brilliant, shimmering world around me, and others.  I think I had forgotten that the power of one is so strong and can touch so many. I was too busy being stuck in the black hole that was my old apartment, completely focused on myself and my misery to see the shift that was taking place in my relationships because of it.

Needless to say the trashperson has come and cleaned up my being, so now there is space for the new and the lovely to come on in!

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Regaining Balance

April 13, 2010

Currently I am failing at balancing all of my commitments, projects, family, friends, career. I am out of whack. A few months ago I had a decent balance – it wasn’t ideal, but it was miles better than what I have going on now. Between the move, the movers, finding stools, honeymoon plans, seeing friends, speaking to my family – I can’t get it straight – I’m constantly dropping something. I’ve spent more time baking Easter cupcakes, braking down boxes and chasing after UES barstools than I have with my friends. The lovely folks at Comcast and I are practically family – at least I speak to them more than I do my real family. In the past week, I’ve been to Bed Bath and Beyond almost as often as I go to work.

I keep on waiting for things to slow down, but I don’t think they ever will (besides the weekend in Feb. when just about everyone I knew headed to the west coast – that was a slow one.) I used to see this as a bad thing, but now I’ve come to realize that is actually really really great! The instant things start to slow down is when I stop being able to live all of these truly awesome amazing moments. I’m a blessed  lucky person to have such wonderful people in my life, and to be able to go on such amazing adventures. It’s up to me not to take advantage of it, and not to waste a minute of it! I can do this as long as I can remain calm, don’t panic and  don’t drop any of the pieces I’m juggling.

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Unpacking. Still.

April 11, 2010

I spent the majority of this weekend unpacking, straightening and cleaning up from all the unpacking. Yet, our apartment still doesn’t feel homey. I can’t quite figure out why. Maybe it’s because there is still a bunch of random things scattered along the bar, or maybe it’s because we do not have our couch, or perhaps it’s due to the fact that despite all my cleaning there are still little crumbles all over the floors.

Every time Mr. K left the house this weekend I said that by the time he gets back our apartment will be in order. Every time he came back the apartment was not in order. The shadow boxes and flattened champagne need to go on the wall, the plants need to be planted, Mr.K’s clothes need to be put away – all this out of place stuff is starting to irk me. Then there’s the fact that I’m still missing a handful of wedding gifts that I need, that could not be found and seem to be hidden in some far nook of Mr. K’s dads house. Where is my egg timer? My steak knives? My aprons? (OK so maybe I don’t need all the aprons, but I would like the egg timer.)Not to mention that this missing stuff will need to be unpacked and placed somewhere in our apartment.

I think I am a little OCD when it comes to cleaning/organizing.  Like Monica in the show Friends – she could always tell when something was moved or out of place. I watched Mr.K navigate the kitchen as he was making fish for dinner. My eagle eye watching to be sure he put everything back in the right place, trying to explain that the large white cutting board is not used for raw protein, only veggies, and watching so he cleaned everything effectively. Sound anal? – yes well I might just be a little anal. I don’t like when things are not put back in their proper place, I don’t like papers scattered all over, and I don’t like the possibility for cross contamination, (yet I have no problem eating all of the left over batter, raw eggs and all.)

The fact is we are going to be in the apartment for a while, if it is clean to begin with it might have a fighting chance to stay clean.

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April 2, 2010

I never realized how relaxing water can be until I moved into an apartment that overlooks it. After a particularly anxious day I came home worked out and decided to catch some early springtime rays out on the patio. As I stared out into the water and the Statue of Liberty I was instantly relaxed. The calm movements of the water calmed my nerves. It was beautiful and peaceful. I think we are gong to like it here!

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March 31, 2010

Me: “I don’t want any special wrapping/packing for any of our furniture, we are not attached to any of it if it breaks we don’t care.”

Since Mr. K did the on-site coordination of our last move, I was doing the on-site coordination of this move. The day had finally arrived, Mr. K and I are officially moving our of the suburban ghetto and into the luxury of the waterfront!

The movers showed up at 8:15 am, parked the truck, and started hauling our stuff out. This company charges to wrap furniture, we didn’t want to pay an additional $100 for a TV box so when they brought in the moving materials I specifically told them do not wrap anything you will charge us extra for. The foreman agreed and assured me that all the materials were leftovers from the truck that I would not be charged for.

The move was going really smoothly until it came down to the last little bit and pieces of our apartment. There were a few mirrors, lamps and plants that they refused to take, saying that they would have to charge me xx amount for each item since the truck is bouncy and they could break. I told them I didn’t care of they broke and to take them anyway, but they refused. Then once the van was inspected they refused to take our boxes of wine and booze bottles claiming they would break as well. So technically they did not move all of our belonging like they agreed to do during our on site estimate. As a result I had to go back to our old apartment once the movers were finished and pack up all the leftover items they refused to take.

Next came the way over the top charge for the move, we were given an estimate of $480 for the move if no packing materials were used and $550 if packing materials were used. Our total came out to be $700 hmmmmm how could this be?? Well we were charged $150 in packing after I was told we would not be charged, including $50 worth of tape!!! What?!?! Plus they lost our table top and wouldn’t move some of our stuff, in spite of the fact that they had left an entire wardrobe box empty! So now I must file a clam against them to get our money back. How annoying. Beware of these movers!

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