March 16, 2010

On a side not before I begin this entry I would like to say that in college I somehow earned the nickname couch. Apparently every time certain people would come over I was always lounging on the couch in the same position as if I had never moved. This post entitled couch brought back this memory.

Today Mr. K and I bought a couch – neither Mr. K nor myself have ever bought a couch before, collectively or separately. In our last two apartment seating has been sparse. There are always a few people sitting a little too close for comfort on our too small couch or trying to precariously balance themselves on our 8″ wide backless stools. So for this purchase we decided to go big, or just go home – to our ridiculously small couch, which was not an option. So we scanned the typical couch websites, and found a cheeky little sectional whose measurements and price was right! We paid and placed the order.Nnow we wait for him to come on home! With a bit of luck our days of awkward seating will be over come April 18th! All he will need are a couple spicy throw pillows and he should fit right in.


March 20, 2010. Tags: . Newly Wed Notes.

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