March 15, 2010

Mr. K and I brought a whole lotta disorganized mess to our NJ apartment. Truth be told we didn’t have much time to purge all of our files and various paper stacks stacked around our former pad. So now instead of having one small disorganized mess we have we have two – the one we dragged across the river and the one we acquired on the other side. I refuse to carry this baggage to our next stop. It’s time to purge.

I have a really terrible habit of saving everything! During the 30 minutes I spent ransacking some of  my files I found:

  • Bank and credit card statements from 2005
  • Medical records from college
  • A used tea bag from my London trip with Mr. K (I did find this to be a little creepy)
  • Around 50 extra buttons clipped from shirts and pants I bought over the past 5 years

I shredded everything but the tea bag and the buttons. The tea bag stays on the following grounds:

  • That was Mr. K and my first international trip together
  • I am really big into tea. London is really big into tea time. Hence for me this is a souvenir.

So in 30 minutes I successfully converted my big pile of crap into a small neatly contained tidy pile of important documents. This is only the beginning of the fun. Wednesday is major purge day, which I’m sure will lead to a chaotic papery mess in our living room.


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