Moving on Up!

March 14, 2010

That’s right! Mr. K and I are moving on up – literally! We are leaving our third floor walk up in ghetto suburbia for a penthouse apartment in the sky! Our new neighbors will be lady Liberty and the Exchange Place path station! Goodbye horrendous cab lines, hello 5 minute walk home!

Today we signed our lease and made it official, for the next 15 months we will be living on the NJ waterfront. However signing that lease was not as easy as I thought. We sat down and read the lease picking outs the part that we deemed unnecessary. Much to our annoyance these parts seemed nonnegotiable. So lease unsigned up headed up to our apartment to take measurements and figure out exactly how much space we have.

Doubt entered my mind as we entered the apartment. My head kept trying to tell me that it wasn’t big enough, we needed more closet space, the kitchen sink was  too shallow, why don’t the window open? Thses thoughts kept swirling through my head, making me feel like this was a mistake – giving me cold apartment feet.

After 2 hours of measuring, deliberating and spacial configurating I sat down on the windowsill and glanced around the living room. As I sat staring into my empty living room everything seemed to click. This is right, the space is perfect, the apartment is amazing, I know that the next 15 months spent here is going to be an amazing time! As I sat there eye to eye with my apartment I realized that this is all the space we need. I have space now that I don’t even use, yet still have to clean – not an ideal partnership. Not to mention I want the decor for this apartment to be minimal chic. I am hoping to convince Mr. K to go along with this and retire from his furniture crafting. So hopefully in another month I will be welcoming people into my nicely streamlined apartment.


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