March 13, 2010

Today my hope of becoming a Wii Olympian was crushed, Djoubtwii did not perform like we had hoped. We even started a fight with Wiireland, the gold medal winner, bringing shame to our country.

Mr. K and I spent the entire day driving around NYC in a torrential downpour – it was bad, and I officially regret throwing away my rain boots. I really cannot comprehend how my umbrella survived the hurricane like winds that were swirling around 84th street.

This ugly day was highlighted by my new smart phone purchase! I have officially stepped into the 21st century with my new Droid, outfitted it its girlie purple case! Normally I am not all about outfitting my phone with frilly cases and protective gear, but TC persuaded me into gearing up my phone. To me the Droid is a very manly phone, it is black metal and growls Droid. My purple cover takes away the mannishness and probably makes me love my phone even more. Mr. K has a Droid too and was a major advocate for me buying mine. I am a little afraid that instead of conversing with each other we will end up spending every meal playing on our phones. This thought scares me a little bit especially after I noticed that the couple sitting next to us didn’t say one word to each other during their meal. But I figure that since Mr. K and I have already been through so much craziness during the past 6 month – a little Droid won’t be able to take us down!


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