Apartment Hunt – Jersey City

March 7, 2010

Me: I kinda want to look at some New Jersey waterfront apartments today. Do you want to look at some, or are you set on the city?

Mr. K: I don’t really want to be in Jersey, I think we should try and apply for the apartment in the east 50s.

Me: I want to take a look at it again, then maybe apply, I will call the broker to see if he can show it to us.

Well, the broker said he didn’t know if he would be able to show it to us because the man with the keys was “sick”. So Pete and I decided to go look at some Jersey City waterfront apartments until we heard back from the broker. The first building we went to some friends of ours live in so we had already had the tour. We saw three different layouts, a small one bedroom with great views, and two larger one bedrooms with not so great views and one of them had a bad layout. We really loved the building all its amenities and the amazing views from the smaller bedroom. But we wanted to explore our options, so we kept our apartment hunt going.

The next building we went to was very similar to the first, had many of the same amenities. We saw two bedrooms in that building one with amazing closet space and one with a terrace, and views. Naturally we gravitated to the one with the terrace. After seeing one more just ok apartment the great debate began. We had to choose between two great almost identical buildings, each with great apartments. How do we decide? Do we go with the less expensive one? The one with stainless appliances? The bigger one? It was so hard to decide!  

After some negotiating with apartment buildings, and after Mr. K and I did a lot of pros and cons discussing we had our decision. We were going with the bigger apartment with terrace! Yay!!!

 I thought for sure I was going to end up back in the city, but none of the apartments I saw across the river felt right. The ones I saw in Jersey City did! After walking out of both of the Jersey City buildings I felt happy, I knew that this is where Mr. K and I were meant to be. Mr. K felt it too, he realized that he preferred the quiet calmness of the waterfront versus the crazy chaoticness of NYC. I never thought I would be so excited and happy about living in Jersey City!

April 1 cannot get here soon enough!


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