Let the Hunt Begin!

Over the past week Mr. K and I have made a few decisions:

  1. We are going to stay in this area for another year (give or take)
  2. We are going to move out of our apartment April 1
  3. We are going to look for places in the city

I have not felt this happy in a while! The thought of moving back to the city brought a huge giddy grin to my face!

 Living here has made me realize that it does matter where I live, location does matter. I also realized that just because my apartment has space doesn’t mean that I will use it. The only time I have used the second bedroom is to work out on my elliptical. I have a huge desk in my huge bedroom and I think I have used that once. Not to mention that none of my family or friends seem too interested in staying in the second bedroom when they visit, nor did my family seem interested in visiting. So as I see it paying an extra couple hundred dollars for a second bedroom and a little more space might not be worth it.

Tonight we headed up to the UWS to take a look at a convertible one bedroom with a large garden. I was warned over the phone that this was a 35 foot studio not a true one bedroom. So not expecting much Mr. K and I went to view the apartment.

What we saw was a very tiny studio, smaller than our Penny Lane place with a decent garden, also smaller than our Penny Lane place. I have no idea how they would build a wall to create a bedroom – there was definitely not enough room. However it did have a washer/dryer in the kitchen, but no dishwasher. It’s weird what some people will do to a NYC apartment. Needless to say we passed on this apartment.

One down let’s see what Saturday holds.


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