Delicatessen Date

Feb. 22, 2010

Tonight Mr. K and I are going to dinner with HB, CM, JS and their dates to Delicatessen. Most of us will be meeting CM’s date for the first time. She seemed a wee bit nervous about it today during our e-mail conversations.  We all are pretty well behaved normal people, I didn’t think she needed to be nervous – we are not that bad are we?

It’s not easy introducing the person you are dating to your friends. It’s not easy for you or your date; I think there will always be some nerves. To me friend approval is huge! People in relationships tend to be somewhat blind to certain aspects of their relationships. If my friends like the dude I am dating then to me that means I am seeing the relationship clearly. It means that the person who I am dating respects me and shows that when around my friends.

I think I first introduced Mr. K to some of my friends at Trinity pub, an Irish bar on the UES. Wait, maybe the first time my friends met Pete was at our tropical spring soiree. Trinity was after our Canyon Road date which I think was our second and our tropical party was our third date – which I know for sure. Either way I’m sure I had a drink or two in me to calm the nerves, and make the situation feel less awkward even if it wasn’t!

My friends are pretty harsh critics (myself included) when it comes to analyzing each other dates. We want to make sure that the man is deserving of our friend, and that our friend isn’t focusing on his one good trait, completely blind to the much more apparent faults. I just don’t want my friends to be hurt and disrespected in a relationship. I don’t form an opinion all at once, I don’t think it fair to make snap judgments on a first impression basis,

So I was ecstatic when Mr. K slowly but surely passed approval from my friends. I knew our relationship felt perfect, and it was great to know that they could see and feel it too.


February 24, 2010. Friends, Newly Wed Notes.

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