Iggys, San Loco, and Rock Band

Feb. 19, 2010

This morning Mr. K and I started out on the wrong foot. We got into some text/telephone conversations all before 7:30 am that left me feeling confused and stressed out. So, for most of the morning I sat at work with a tight little ball of tensions and stress sitting in my chest. Not exactly how I wanted to start out my weekend! Looking back it’s pretty funny that I let a few text messages and one short telephone conversation change my whole outlook on not just my day, but my weekend as well. I have been learning not to carry around my past into my future, but easier said than done.

Flash forward a few hours and one phone conversation with Mr. K later, and I am on my way to meet him at Iggys in the LES, where we had post dinner drinks on our first date. Now this is one area of my past that I don’t mind dragging into my future. It was great sitting reminiscing about our first date. We each remembered exactly where we sat (big round table near the door), Mr. K knew exactly what he played on the jukebox (a lot of Verve, that is no longer on the jukebox), and me not believing that his middle name is Ezekiel, and forcing him to show me some proof. It was crazy how all the memories came flooding back as if our first date was months ago instead of years!

The main reason we were out that night was to see HB’s boy toys band play at the Delancy. So after we stopped at San Loco for a quick dinner (seriously the best tacos ever!), we headed over to the Delancy just in time to catch the band’s first song. I didn’t really know what to expect, but his band was a really impressive rocker band, leather pants and all! So in true rocker style we kept the party going after the set was finished on the rooftop bar of the Delancy.


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