Champagne Brunch!

Feb. 21, 2010

Il Bastardo offers a 2 hour $15 all you can drink special during their Sunday brunch. I can attest that they are not stingy with the booze. Your glass is never allowed to be empty – my kind of place – at least until they refill my glass one too many times. After we were finished with our girl talk (aka we had reached our two hour limit) it was time to go. CM, HB and JS all headed up east to have a family dinner. I declined and headed back home to Jersey, where my gnudi dough was waiting for me to finish cooking.

Earlier as Mr. K was dropping me off at the path station, we had discussed a time when I would most likely be home and he would come pick me up. I sent him a text telling him I was on my way, and received nothing in return, needless to say he was not there to pick me up and I started walking home in a huff. That when I heard a whistle, then a few blocks later a car pulled up beside me and started following me and “talking” to me. This got me very angry, so in order to calm myself I tried to do some counted breathing, in 1 2 3 4 5 6 out 6 5 4 3 2 1. Usually this works rather well, but with me being slightly inebriated and walking as fast as I possibly could, my counted breaths seemed to be suffocating me more than anything else. So by the time I reached the apartment I was furious and out of breath. I stomped up the stairs shouted something about wanting to move out April 1st to Mr.  Slammed the door and stormed to the park where I rambled to my mom and then my dad about living outside of the city, being married etc., while someone’s confused dog kept trying to bring me sticks. My parents shared their experiences with me and calmed me down. It was good hearing that they had dealt with some of the same issues, what they did in their situation and the outcome. So after a long while of talking I left the park and headed home.

I did make a somewhat recovery, I was able to finish making my gnudi and veggies (and it was tasty) while having a decent dinner with Mr. K before passing out on the couch with my netbook on my lap. Perhaps I am a little out of practice with this whole Sunday Funday deal.


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