Valentine’s Day Part III

Feb. 12-15

Luckily I am not hungover! Mr. K and I hit up the breakfast buffet just in time for some omelets, pancakes, pastries, and anything else you can imagine! This is our big activities day, Mohonk has a ton of wintery sports to try out and we are getting in on the action. After breakfast we decide to go ice skating, something we have never done together. I am decent on skates, Mr. K however is not very experienced. It was odd seeing him struggle with a winter sport, usually he dominates over me. I will say that by the end of our skating adventure his gliding skills had really improved!

We made a quick stop at the gym and the heated pool before heading to lunch. So both the food and service at breakfast and lunch were great, especially the service at lunch. So I’m not really sure what went wrong with our V-Day dinner last night. Maybe they really were serving us left over wedding banquet food and were staffing the dining room with temps. Weird.

After lunch we grab our snowshoes and head up to the tower. I’m still not sure what the tower is or why it’s there, but I guess it a big attraction and you can see pretty far from the top. Up we hiked through the cool calm wilderness. I think over the past few years I have come to realize that I am not the type of person who wants to spend all of their fun time city livin’. Sometimes I feel like Mr. K and I might be one of the few Jeresyites who avoided the city altogether on Valentine’s day. I want to be out in the world living it instead of watching it go by from my window. Everyone is different and some of my hands on vacations might sound like torture to some, but to me they are a once in a lifetime experience that you just cant get from a tour bus. I am lucky to have Mr. K as my adventure partner to keep me motivated and excited about our journeys. For me, our activity packed day after valentines was the perfect way to end the weekend and great way to sweat put last nights booze!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a good one, cause I sure did!


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