Valentine’s Day Part II

Feb. 12-15, 2010

Sunday rolls around and we pack up the car and head off to Woodbury Commons for a little V-day shopping, after all it is on the way to the Mohonk. Our trip to the outlets get off to a rocky start – there is NO parking anywhere. Mr.K however believes that finding parking is easier, so I hop out of the driver’s seat and head to the stores while he parks. I shop, he shops, about 2 hours goes by and I am try to meet up with Mr.K when the meltdown happens. All of a sudden shopping in the cold is no longer fun and all I want to do is find Mr.K and the hotel, which is easier, said than done.

Finally, we were able to battle our way out of Woodbury Commons and made it to the Mohonk Mountain House a little before high tea. I have never been here before, we looked at having our wedding here, and I have seen many pictures – this place is truly a monstrosity – a behemoth rising out of the rock. As we make our way up to our room I realize that this place does remind me of the scene in the Shining where the twins ride their bikes down the hall, and the grounds come complete with a hedge labyrinth.

We get to our hotel room and just breath. It’s funny because I spend pretty much every day with Mr. K, yet sometime it feels like I barely see him at all. We have a lot going on right now, some of it we share together and some of it is our own. Sometimes all of this stuff gets in the way of our time. Even if it is something that we are working on together, just because it is collaborative project doesn’t mean that I want to spend all of our time picking our cabinets and reviewing cookbook chapters.  No, I want to do something fun – that does not have to be checked off of the to do list. And this weekend is it!

After a bit of champagne we get dressed for what turns out to be a laughable dinner with raw potatoes and a bizarre waiter who doesn’t seem to know whether our food should be served hot or cold (and asked s diner if they wanted their microwaved). But the food the edible and we pretty much spent the entire time laughing. After we headed to the bar for a nightcap and ran into the couple sitting next to us, and started up a conversation about how humorous the dinner was.


February 17, 2010. Tags: . Travel.

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