V-Day Weekend, Part I

Feb. 12-15, 2010

So I have never been a big believer of Valentine’s day, I am with the crowd that thinks it’s a made up holiday created by hallmark to get people to buy $6 cards and overly priced low grade chocolates. Most of my life I have spent V-day drinking lots of wine and eating lots of these low grade chocolates with my single friends. Then I met Mr. K and have since spent every Valentine’s day with him, usually going to a nice dinner in the city or cooking up some yummy lobsters at home.

So has my perspective of V-day changed since I met Mr. K? No, I still don’t believe in the holiday. What I do believe in is spending some uninterrupted time with the person you love. Not thinking about work, or to do list or kids – nothing. If Valentine ’s Day is your excuse for truly being able to be with the person you love – then I support that. To me that is what really matters, who you are with, not the huge heart shaped balloons and singing cards, but actually spending time together. If that time together comes hand in hand with a great dinner or trip away – then I support that too!

So according to my philosophy Mr. K and I started off the weekend right – riding the train back home to Jersey together after work on Friday night. We cooked dinner and watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics mixed in with a little Vampire Diaries :).

Saturday was spent getting all of our stuff done so that we could relax come Sunday, when our Valentine’s Day celebration begins. So I tried to perfect my poached eggs and worked until early afternoon on Saturday, and packed for our awesome trip to Mohonk Mountain House!


February 16, 2010. love, Travel.

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