Visit from the Windy City

Feb. 3, 2010

Tonight I had dinner and drinks with my friend MS, who moved from NYC to Chicago a few years ago. Over the year we have kept in touch periodically with e-mails and sporadic phone calls. About a week or so ago I got an e-mail call from her with the MOST exciting news. She is taking a leave of absence from the US and heading to the land down under, Australia. She found a great work/travel visa for young people that lets you live there for a year while working and traveling. So by this time next year she should be jackarooing around the wild desserts chasing after kangaroos.

As we got to talking, I realized that we have/had experience some of the same stuff since 2009 to present, and I was happy that I was able to share my experiences with her. She is selling her apartment, Mr.K and I played the whole real estate game for the majority of 2009, not to mention our rental properties in Utah – which is a whole other story entirely. She is up and moving to a completely different continent and beginning a new chapter of her story.   Mr. K and I have been talking about doing a big move for years, but life has postponed it with engagements, and weddings, etc., but now its starting to feel like it might be the right time to seriously take the next steps.  We chatted about these giving advice, and sharing our disasters.  seeing how and where our lives overlapped each other, despite the fact that we live so far away.


February 5, 2010. Friends.

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