Delicatessen Date

Feb. 22, 2010

Tonight Mr. K and I are going to dinner with HB, CM, JS and their dates to Delicatessen. Most of us will be meeting CM’s date for the first time. She seemed a wee bit nervous about it today during our e-mail conversations.  We all are pretty well behaved normal people, I didn’t think she needed to be nervous – we are not that bad are we?

It’s not easy introducing the person you are dating to your friends. It’s not easy for you or your date; I think there will always be some nerves. To me friend approval is huge! People in relationships tend to be somewhat blind to certain aspects of their relationships. If my friends like the dude I am dating then to me that means I am seeing the relationship clearly. It means that the person who I am dating respects me and shows that when around my friends.

I think I first introduced Mr. K to some of my friends at Trinity pub, an Irish bar on the UES. Wait, maybe the first time my friends met Pete was at our tropical spring soiree. Trinity was after our Canyon Road date which I think was our second and our tropical party was our third date – which I know for sure. Either way I’m sure I had a drink or two in me to calm the nerves, and make the situation feel less awkward even if it wasn’t!

My friends are pretty harsh critics (myself included) when it comes to analyzing each other dates. We want to make sure that the man is deserving of our friend, and that our friend isn’t focusing on his one good trait, completely blind to the much more apparent faults. I just don’t want my friends to be hurt and disrespected in a relationship. I don’t form an opinion all at once, I don’t think it fair to make snap judgments on a first impression basis,

So I was ecstatic when Mr. K slowly but surely passed approval from my friends. I knew our relationship felt perfect, and it was great to know that they could see and feel it too.


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Champagne Brunch!

Feb. 21, 2010

Il Bastardo offers a 2 hour $15 all you can drink special during their Sunday brunch. I can attest that they are not stingy with the booze. Your glass is never allowed to be empty – my kind of place – at least until they refill my glass one too many times. After we were finished with our girl talk (aka we had reached our two hour limit) it was time to go. CM, HB and JS all headed up east to have a family dinner. I declined and headed back home to Jersey, where my gnudi dough was waiting for me to finish cooking.

Earlier as Mr. K was dropping me off at the path station, we had discussed a time when I would most likely be home and he would come pick me up. I sent him a text telling him I was on my way, and received nothing in return, needless to say he was not there to pick me up and I started walking home in a huff. That when I heard a whistle, then a few blocks later a car pulled up beside me and started following me and “talking” to me. This got me very angry, so in order to calm myself I tried to do some counted breathing, in 1 2 3 4 5 6 out 6 5 4 3 2 1. Usually this works rather well, but with me being slightly inebriated and walking as fast as I possibly could, my counted breaths seemed to be suffocating me more than anything else. So by the time I reached the apartment I was furious and out of breath. I stomped up the stairs shouted something about wanting to move out April 1st to Mr.  Slammed the door and stormed to the park where I rambled to my mom and then my dad about living outside of the city, being married etc., while someone’s confused dog kept trying to bring me sticks. My parents shared their experiences with me and calmed me down. It was good hearing that they had dealt with some of the same issues, what they did in their situation and the outcome. So after a long while of talking I left the park and headed home.

I did make a somewhat recovery, I was able to finish making my gnudi and veggies (and it was tasty) while having a decent dinner with Mr. K before passing out on the couch with my netbook on my lap. Perhaps I am a little out of practice with this whole Sunday Funday deal.

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Iggys, San Loco, and Rock Band

Feb. 19, 2010

This morning Mr. K and I started out on the wrong foot. We got into some text/telephone conversations all before 7:30 am that left me feeling confused and stressed out. So, for most of the morning I sat at work with a tight little ball of tensions and stress sitting in my chest. Not exactly how I wanted to start out my weekend! Looking back it’s pretty funny that I let a few text messages and one short telephone conversation change my whole outlook on not just my day, but my weekend as well. I have been learning not to carry around my past into my future, but easier said than done.

Flash forward a few hours and one phone conversation with Mr. K later, and I am on my way to meet him at Iggys in the LES, where we had post dinner drinks on our first date. Now this is one area of my past that I don’t mind dragging into my future. It was great sitting reminiscing about our first date. We each remembered exactly where we sat (big round table near the door), Mr. K knew exactly what he played on the jukebox (a lot of Verve, that is no longer on the jukebox), and me not believing that his middle name is Ezekiel, and forcing him to show me some proof. It was crazy how all the memories came flooding back as if our first date was months ago instead of years!

The main reason we were out that night was to see HB’s boy toys band play at the Delancy. So after we stopped at San Loco for a quick dinner (seriously the best tacos ever!), we headed over to the Delancy just in time to catch the band’s first song. I didn’t really know what to expect, but his band was a really impressive rocker band, leather pants and all! So in true rocker style we kept the party going after the set was finished on the rooftop bar of the Delancy.

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Feb. 17, 2010

Bo ssam. Tonight Mr.K and I met up with some friends at Momofuku’s Ssam Bar to try and devour 8 pounds of pork butt and various other accompaniments. Ssam Bar has a menu option for 6-10 people that involves a whole lotta pork and sauce – you just can’t go wrong with that combo. So there we are sitting at the table wondering what the heck is going to come out of the kitchen. Then this huge tender falling off the bone slab of pig comes parading out of the kitchen, landing on our table. Next comes the oysters, then rice, sauce and lettuce. The server give us our instructions, which are to put some rice in a lettuce leaf add pork any sauce and top it with an oyster. They the most delicious little lettuce wraps! Yum! Let me tell you our table took down that pork butt, nothing left but fat and bone!

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Valentine’s Day Part III

Feb. 12-15

Luckily I am not hungover! Mr. K and I hit up the breakfast buffet just in time for some omelets, pancakes, pastries, and anything else you can imagine! This is our big activities day, Mohonk has a ton of wintery sports to try out and we are getting in on the action. After breakfast we decide to go ice skating, something we have never done together. I am decent on skates, Mr. K however is not very experienced. It was odd seeing him struggle with a winter sport, usually he dominates over me. I will say that by the end of our skating adventure his gliding skills had really improved!

We made a quick stop at the gym and the heated pool before heading to lunch. So both the food and service at breakfast and lunch were great, especially the service at lunch. So I’m not really sure what went wrong with our V-Day dinner last night. Maybe they really were serving us left over wedding banquet food and were staffing the dining room with temps. Weird.

After lunch we grab our snowshoes and head up to the tower. I’m still not sure what the tower is or why it’s there, but I guess it a big attraction and you can see pretty far from the top. Up we hiked through the cool calm wilderness. I think over the past few years I have come to realize that I am not the type of person who wants to spend all of their fun time city livin’. Sometimes I feel like Mr. K and I might be one of the few Jeresyites who avoided the city altogether on Valentine’s day. I want to be out in the world living it instead of watching it go by from my window. Everyone is different and some of my hands on vacations might sound like torture to some, but to me they are a once in a lifetime experience that you just cant get from a tour bus. I am lucky to have Mr. K as my adventure partner to keep me motivated and excited about our journeys. For me, our activity packed day after valentines was the perfect way to end the weekend and great way to sweat put last nights booze!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a good one, cause I sure did!

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Valentine’s Day Part II

Feb. 12-15, 2010

Sunday rolls around and we pack up the car and head off to Woodbury Commons for a little V-day shopping, after all it is on the way to the Mohonk. Our trip to the outlets get off to a rocky start – there is NO parking anywhere. Mr.K however believes that finding parking is easier, so I hop out of the driver’s seat and head to the stores while he parks. I shop, he shops, about 2 hours goes by and I am try to meet up with Mr.K when the meltdown happens. All of a sudden shopping in the cold is no longer fun and all I want to do is find Mr.K and the hotel, which is easier, said than done.

Finally, we were able to battle our way out of Woodbury Commons and made it to the Mohonk Mountain House a little before high tea. I have never been here before, we looked at having our wedding here, and I have seen many pictures – this place is truly a monstrosity – a behemoth rising out of the rock. As we make our way up to our room I realize that this place does remind me of the scene in the Shining where the twins ride their bikes down the hall, and the grounds come complete with a hedge labyrinth.

We get to our hotel room and just breath. It’s funny because I spend pretty much every day with Mr. K, yet sometime it feels like I barely see him at all. We have a lot going on right now, some of it we share together and some of it is our own. Sometimes all of this stuff gets in the way of our time. Even if it is something that we are working on together, just because it is collaborative project doesn’t mean that I want to spend all of our time picking our cabinets and reviewing cookbook chapters.  No, I want to do something fun – that does not have to be checked off of the to do list. And this weekend is it!

After a bit of champagne we get dressed for what turns out to be a laughable dinner with raw potatoes and a bizarre waiter who doesn’t seem to know whether our food should be served hot or cold (and asked s diner if they wanted their microwaved). But the food the edible and we pretty much spent the entire time laughing. After we headed to the bar for a nightcap and ran into the couple sitting next to us, and started up a conversation about how humorous the dinner was.

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V-Day Weekend, Part I

Feb. 12-15, 2010

So I have never been a big believer of Valentine’s day, I am with the crowd that thinks it’s a made up holiday created by hallmark to get people to buy $6 cards and overly priced low grade chocolates. Most of my life I have spent V-day drinking lots of wine and eating lots of these low grade chocolates with my single friends. Then I met Mr. K and have since spent every Valentine’s day with him, usually going to a nice dinner in the city or cooking up some yummy lobsters at home.

So has my perspective of V-day changed since I met Mr. K? No, I still don’t believe in the holiday. What I do believe in is spending some uninterrupted time with the person you love. Not thinking about work, or to do list or kids – nothing. If Valentine ’s Day is your excuse for truly being able to be with the person you love – then I support that. To me that is what really matters, who you are with, not the huge heart shaped balloons and singing cards, but actually spending time together. If that time together comes hand in hand with a great dinner or trip away – then I support that too!

So according to my philosophy Mr. K and I started off the weekend right – riding the train back home to Jersey together after work on Friday night. We cooked dinner and watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics mixed in with a little Vampire Diaries :).

Saturday was spent getting all of our stuff done so that we could relax come Sunday, when our Valentine’s Day celebration begins. So I tried to perfect my poached eggs and worked until early afternoon on Saturday, and packed for our awesome trip to Mohonk Mountain House!

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V-Day Unsurprise

Feb.  11, 2010

Someone got a little drunky last night and spilled the beans about my Valentine’s Day surprise. Mohonk Mountain House here we come! You will find me in the mineral pool drinking champagne!

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Jan. 10, 2010

I thought snow days ceased to exist after high school. Today Mother Nature created a miracle: The Snow Storm of the Century. All of the tri-state area seemed to shut down for one day only. At 4:57 pm on Tuesday our entire office received an e-mail message saying that they would be closed due to the unexpected snow storm hitting the NYC area mid morning on Wednesday. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

As the snow started to fall I got the urge to go outside and play, make a snowman, snow angels etc like I did during my elementary school snow days. This blizzard brought back the memory of my first snow storm in NYC, when CM and I ventured to Central Park for some sledding. I wanted to relive that moment. I wanted to sled! I would have done it too, if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t have a sled, or a sled hill, or a sledding partner. So instead I turned on my computer and got busy doing my grown up work.  Maybe I will one day become a kid again when I actually have kids.

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Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Feb. 9, 2010

“Do you want me to tell you what it is, or keep it a surprise?” Mr. K

Surprise of course. Today during work I received a phone call from Mr. K telling me that he created a secret plan for Valentine’s Day! I am very excited! I have never taken a secret surprise trip with Mr. K. All I know is that there will be a very fancy dinner, most likely some sort of hot tub, and a few wintery activities! Yay! Now to figure out what to wear…

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