Apartment Guests

Jan. 23, 2010

 Tonight my city gal pals are coming over to Jersey. After some fajitas, and a lot of wine we got a little restless and started playing drinking games. Since I do not own any traditional board games, we decided to create our own. I will not mention the name of these games, but I will say they were hilarious and highly entertaining! I’m happy that my friends crossed the state lines for some good times and great memories.

While we were gulping down vino, JS’s sister went into labor. She wanted to do it naturally no drugs, no c-section no nothing. That is one brave momma. Nowadays it seems as though a lot of births a mechanized. Most moms to be, myself included don’t want to remember the pain and agony of birthing a child. Which got me wondering if you don’t remember the pain and agony do you actually remember giving birth to your baby? If you didn’t get to hold it in your arms immediately, would you even know if it came out? Anyways just a thought. As of this very moment, I would rather hold a glass of wine over a baby any day!


January 25, 2010. Tags: . Jersey City, random.

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