Egg Sale

Jan. 21, 2010

A sign in the path train caught my eye last night as I headed back to Jersey. It said something like  “Donate your Eggs Receive $8K” It was a little more tastefully written, but it did get me thinking. Most of us have felt the money crunch once or twice in our day, but I never thought of selling blood or eggs or any other part of my body as an easy money-making idea, until now. For some reason this sign lit a little fire in my brain saying “why not it’s so easy!” They have many easily located egg donating facilities in New Jersey and I live in New Jersey it’s a perfect fit! Then I read on and it mentioned multiple procedures, tests, and visits to their clinic, which got me thinking:

  • what if they take all my good eggs? I only have so many you know.
  • what if they take all the eggs that are ready to be released over the next five years leaving me with none to make a baby with in the near future??
  • what exactly does multiple procedures mean??
  • what if their facilities really aren’t easily located and I drive around lost eventually getting accosted in the Jersey ghetto?

All these thoughts let to the same answer: This is NOT a good idea, for me at least.


January 22, 2010. Tags: . Jersey City.

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