I Could Get Used to This…

Jan. 17, 2010

Today was a little sunday funday with our friends who live in the nice part of JC. Yes, I learned today that there is a nice part of Jersey City. It’s exciting to know fun people to live on our side of the tracks, giving us the best of both worlds. We arrived at their high rise apartment building and were told that we should make our way up to the theater room. Theater room I’m thinking what is that??

We head up to the 11th floor and enter a lounge type area complete with bar, pool table, lounge couches and multiple flat screens. Not to mention that just outside was a olympic size swimming pool, cabanas straight out of Vegas, hot tub and fire pit.

We find the theater room and have a nice afternoon of chatting and drinking with Mr. and Mrs. M. We get a tour of their apartment a nice two bed to bath with dishwasher, views, and the ultimate prize an in apartment washer/dryer!

Next stop was the fitness center again beautiful and it even has yoga classes! We end the afternoon with a little football and more fun and then head out making plans to come back to play a little virtual golf. Yes, this apartment building has a room dedicated to playing virtual golf. This apartment building seems to have it all great friends, amenities, did I mention it was a short walk away from the exchange place path? Which makes it a whole lot easier to meet my city folk out on a Saturday night! Hurrah!


January 18, 2010. Tags: . Jersey City.

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