Jan. 14, 2010

Mr. K: “We gotta get outta here. I waited 40 minutes for the path last night, my wife doesn’t like it here. We should move back to the city”

Me: I am dumbstruck and have no words.

This is what I have been waiting for Mr. K to say since Oct. 20, 2009, “we need to move out of this place!!” Finally, thanks for coming along and getting on board my get out of the jersey ghetto bus! I have nothing against our apartment – I happen to like it a lot. But the area that it is in is a wee bit on the dirty jerz side for me. Plus it’s light years away from the path station.

I never said we had to hightail it back into Manhattan, although now that this juicy carrot has been dangled in front of me I will do everything I can to bite it! I could be happy in Jersey, possible as happy as I was living in the city. That happiness is attainable with say a 1 bedroom highrise elevator/doorman building overlooking the waterfront with fitness center, pool, parking, dishwasher, countertops that resemble granite, heat that actually works in the bedroom, a place for my elliptical and sewing machine, and short walking distance from the grove or exchange street path. 

However in NYC all it would take to make me happy is a small one bedroom with a dishwasher. OK maybe I need a doorman too, but I would settle for a homeless person who hands me by deliveries every night, and yes he would get holiday bonuses.

But when I really stop and think about it an apartment/home is just a box that you live in, what really matters is who is inside that box with you. In reality as long as I’m surrounded with the people who I love the happiness will come to me.


January 15, 2010. Jersey City.

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