I Might Live in the Ghetto

Jan. 11, 2010

The past two night Mr. K and I have seen people being arrested not far from our apartment. Everyone told me that Journal Square was a seedy area, from what I have observed it does seem like a seedy area, but I didn’t really believe that it was true until now.

Sunday we were driving back from doing a late Christmas with Mr. K’s family, as we are turning onto our street about 100 yards away from our apartment we see three police cars, six offices, and two seedy looking me being roughed up, cuffed, and hauled away curbside seconds away from our apartment.

Last night 9 pm we are heading to out of the JS path to a cab and what do we see happening right in front of the path station? Another arrest – this one was minor, there were only two police cars and four officers arresting one person, I couldn’t really tell if there was one ot two. We just wanted to get in a cab and get outta there.


January 12, 2010. Tags: , . Jersey City.

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