Jan. 7, 2010

Tonight I did an exercise that helps you to see what character you play in life.  Whether you are Clark Kent turning into Superman, the Princess locked in the tower waiting for Prince Charming, or the martyr who must sacrifice herself time after time. We had to pretend our life was a movie, play etc. and describe how our “movie life” is played out. Here is what I found out about myself:

The Plot: I am the young ingenue who is waiting for something to come along and make her life to become great and meaningful.

Theme music: girlie teenie bopper pop songs. One minute there is a song playing about how life is great and I am happy, then a sappy sad song, than happy, then sexy, then angry.You get the idea.

Genre: melo-dramady adventure

A few characteristics of my character: creative, sarcastic, loving, spiteful, motivated, indecisive, unwilling to commit, adventurous.

My ongoing dilemma: I am motivated yet indecisive.


January 8, 2010. random.

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