New Year, New Beginnings

Jan. 4, 2010

This morning I awoke with a positive outlook on going back to work after my extra long holiday vacation. I left the house 10 minutes early to prepare for any possible commuting problems. I was feeling good about my new year of creating a happy feelings towards my commute and my job, which lasted until I got to the bus stop at the end of my street…

My commute:

8:10 am – leave my apartment

8:11 am – arrive at bus stop, and see a long line of people waiting.

8:20 am – a bus finally arrives!

8:21 am – bus driver does not let anyone board his bus

8:27 am – Another bus! Driver is letting people on!

8:33 am – First bus stop. Bus becomes over crowded, the door will not close. Patrons become angry.

8:37 am – A different bus stop. Driver stops at a bus stop for a good five minutes. Patrons become angrier. I see another bus on the same route as mine pass us.

8:46 am – Turnstyle says my path card has no rides left. Funny since on New Year’s Eve I had over 20! Use my metro card instead.

8:47 am – I see a Path train waiting in the station.

8:47 am  – Cannot get through the mob of people on the steps. Path doors close. Train leaves.

8:55 am – Another Path train arrives

9:20 am – I arrive at work, all of my extremities are numb.

This is how my commute has gone for some time now, I have tried leaving at various time, all results are the same. Well at least I can try and keep my positive outlook on work.

Three more months, three more months, three more months.


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