Montpellier, Vermont

Jan. 1-3, 2009

After my hangover subsided, Mr. K and I drove up to East Montpellier Vermont for the weekend to visit friends and partake in some wintertime activities.

We stayed in his friend’s 1830’s farmhouse in the middle of the countryside complete with a sweet old dog, fluffy friendly cat and wild turkeys roosting in the fruit tree. I had never experienced this side of Vermont – the side that you see in postcards and coffee table books. I learned that a wide array of wintery sports were easily accessible from the backyard of the house at which we were staying. If you ever find yourself in Vermont here are a few things that I got to experience this weekend that are worth trying:

Snowshoeing: Mr. K and I started out Saturday morning on a snowshoe hike that began on the snowmobile trails created and maintained by the Vermont Snowmobile Association. After about a mile we veered off the trail and headed into a wintery wonderland of woods. Coming out of the woods is where we encountered some trouble. We overestimated the location of the farmhouse and ended up in some family’s front yard, where the lady of the house promptly came outside, yelled at us and then threatened to sic her “evil” golden retriever on us, even after we apologized a million times and explained that we were lost. After making our escape from the evil golden retriever we were reunited with the trail and soon the farmhouse.

Exploring the local town: Mr. K and his friend wanted to spend Saturday afternoon skiing in Stowe. I dropped them off and spent a few hours wandering around the town. I ate in the restaurant where everyone know everyone’s name (except for mine), and browsed some very cute, yet very expensive art galleries and craft stores ($60 for a pair of knit mittens. If I can sell mittens for $60 a pair I will start selling and knitting them myself).

Saturday evening we went out to dinner in Montpellier to the Black Door Bar and Bistro. It was a cozy space with excellent chow; we all raved over the polenta fries!

Night Sledding: After dinner and a few drinks. We drove over to our friend’s childhood sled hill. At first the hill looked pretty lame, but we soon learned it was pretty vicious. Halfway down the hill we picked up a huge amount of speed, just in time to hit a serious of hidden bumps that sent us all flying. My butt is still bruised.

Cross Country Skiing: After breakfast Sunday morning we all geared up for a cross country skiing/snowshoe combo hike. Accompanied by Fern, a cute yellow lab (everyone in VT cross country skis with their dog(s)) we headed out, the dudes on snowshoes, the ladies on the skis.  Again we used the snowmobile trails and did a three hour excursion that took us to a hillside where you got an amazing panoramic view of the Vermont countryside and surrounding mountains.

After our “hike” we sipped some hot coco by the huge wooden stove, and packed up to head back to the dirty Jerz.


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