The Holidays

Dec. 31, 2009

I remember where I was when I realized how my friends and family are my priceless treasures. I was 24, sitting in my room in 312, just got off the phone with my grandma Florida, when it clicked. I never understood why my grandma Florida was so upset over the fact that she rarely got visits from the family, only got the standard 10 minutes phone calls, and that I hardly ever wrote her letters despite her protests. The way I looked at it, both her and my grandpa moved away from us – it’s their responsibility to visit etc etc.

After being in the city for about a year, not being able to afford plane tickets back home for holidays (or for non holidays for that matter), trading in holiday visits with the family in Ohio for holidays in NYC spent with my roomie. There I stood in my room, it hit me all at once, just how important family and friends are to me. I understood why my grandma got so upset when no one visited, called or wrote. When the people that you love seem to care less and less about you it hurts. Even if it was my decision to move away from them.

I chose to move away from Ohio and NYC, but it still stings when my grandma Ohio asks when I going to come back and visit her, and I don’t have the answer. And it sucks not being a regular part of my friends going out antics, now that my commute takes about an hour++ each way, and the return commute usually ends up with me screaming at the top of my lungs how much Jersey City sucks and I hate living here while all the normal New Jerseyites (and Mr. K) stare at me in horror (aka the incident in the cab line after NYE). BUT this has also made me cherish time spent with the fam and friends, and to make more of an effort to be around, as long as they will still have me.

So this holiday season was a married first for myself and Mr. K. Christmas was spent with my Ohio family and friends, and New Years Eve was spent with friends – some old and dear some new. Which is the only real way the holiday season should be spent!


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