Jan. 30, 2010

Lately I have been learning a lot about how my food choices are effecting the environment, where my food is coming from, and how it is being treated before it gets to my table. I am not really liking what I am finding out about the food I have been eating for the past 27 years of my life. I just finished reading Mark Bittman’s Food Matters book. He makes an interesting claim, encouraging individuals to participate in sane eating which basically means cutting out all junk and heavily processed food out of your diet, while cutting back on the amount of animal proteins consumed. According to him, your diet mostly consists of real whole grains, fruits, veggies, and legumes. But you can still have that ice cream, and crusty white bread, just as long as you aren’t consuming them for breakfast lunch and dinner.

After watching Food Inc. I pretty much wanted to give up meat all together, but instead Mr. K and I are going to join a farm with a community supported agriculture (CSA) program. I found this amazing website locagharvest.org where all you need to do is enter your zip code and it gives you a list of CSAs in your area. Hopefully we will be able to get into one of them that offers meat too! Mr. K’s mom brought a whole freezer of grass fed beef back from Texas, so eating animals in a humane way is possible, you just gotta get a little creative.

CSAs provide you with the freshest possible produce, reduce carbon footprint, and support the local agriculture what could be better than that!


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To Co-Habitate or Not to Co-Habitate?

Jan. 27, 2010

“Do you miss him like crazy?” My co-worker/friend LE

My friend LE and I were having a chat at work about married life. She was married a little less than a year before me. Her and her husband didn’t live together before they got hitched – they had the type of real romantic relationship that you don’t see now a day. The kind of relationship where you love the entire person, and not just for their body and booty call abilities. Anyways, her first year of marriage was probably a lot different than what mine will be.

It got me thinking about how different these past few month would have been if Mr. K and didn’t co habitat post our nuptials. When Mr.K first asked me to move in with him it was a very exciting, ecstatic, flustering and nervous experience. It was HUGE for me. I was scared, happy nervous every emotion. Plus it meant that we would be bringing money into our relationship equation – for some money issues makes things a lot more strenuous.

As I thought about it I just don’t know if I could have handled the stress of planning a wedding on less than four months – having to move out of my 84th street apt then  into Mr. K’s NYC apartment then a month later move out together then move back into Jersey together. I think all the stress of the wedding, trying to find apartments and finally moving not only once but four times during a one month period would have made me go insane. Plus I don’t think my Jersey angst would have helped the newlywed relationship. It might have even made me resent the first few months of our marriage, instead of loving and embracing them.

The years that we spent living together really strengthened the relationship, our love and our bond. It helped us get through the rough patch before the wedding. Deep down we each know the type of people we really are, despite the crazy characters that we were being at the time. Not saying that people who choose not to live together before marriage don’t truly know who they other person is – they do, they know. All I’m saying is that my relationship was (and still is) the best one for me.

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Soup and Toxic Potatoes

Jan. 24, 2010

I have a problem, I go to the grocery store buy a bunch of produce, don’t end up cooking half of it and it rots. So to remedy this problem I decided to make some soups!

I pried my semi hungover self off the couch and got cooking. Back in the beginning of January I was up in Vermont and had this really good sausage, kale and potato soup. I decided to recreate that recipe with whatever I could find in my fridge. So I channeled my inner Julia Child and got to cooking.

 I realized that my Yukon gold potatoes had turned green. Not thinking much of the random color change I started chopping them up to put in the soup. The green was not just on the outside but on the inside too. This got me worried since it did not look like a “yum eat me I’m healthy green” – it was more of a toxic looking green. So I googled green Yukon gold potatoes, and found out that it is not such a grand idea to eat them when green. Exposure to light causes them to change color – one article even said that eating green potatoes can be toxic! Needless to say the entire bag went straight into the garbage. I guess a good rule of thumb is if more that half the potato is green get rid of it!

Luckily, I did not cook up poison soup, it  actually turned out pretty good, very rustic looking with all the wilted kale. I even added a little quinoa for some added texture.

Today’s learning experience: Green potatoes are not good potatoes.

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Apartment Guests

Jan. 23, 2010

 Tonight my city gal pals are coming over to Jersey. After some fajitas, and a lot of wine we got a little restless and started playing drinking games. Since I do not own any traditional board games, we decided to create our own. I will not mention the name of these games, but I will say they were hilarious and highly entertaining! I’m happy that my friends crossed the state lines for some good times and great memories.

While we were gulping down vino, JS’s sister went into labor. She wanted to do it naturally no drugs, no c-section no nothing. That is one brave momma. Nowadays it seems as though a lot of births a mechanized. Most moms to be, myself included don’t want to remember the pain and agony of birthing a child. Which got me wondering if you don’t remember the pain and agony do you actually remember giving birth to your baby? If you didn’t get to hold it in your arms immediately, would you even know if it came out? Anyways just a thought. As of this very moment, I would rather hold a glass of wine over a baby any day!

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Egg Sale

Jan. 21, 2010

A sign in the path train caught my eye last night as I headed back to Jersey. It said something like  “Donate your Eggs Receive $8K” It was a little more tastefully written, but it did get me thinking. Most of us have felt the money crunch once or twice in our day, but I never thought of selling blood or eggs or any other part of my body as an easy money-making idea, until now. For some reason this sign lit a little fire in my brain saying “why not it’s so easy!” They have many easily located egg donating facilities in New Jersey and I live in New Jersey it’s a perfect fit! Then I read on and it mentioned multiple procedures, tests, and visits to their clinic, which got me thinking:

  • what if they take all my good eggs? I only have so many you know.
  • what if they take all the eggs that are ready to be released over the next five years leaving me with none to make a baby with in the near future??
  • what exactly does multiple procedures mean??
  • what if their facilities really aren’t easily located and I drive around lost eventually getting accosted in the Jersey ghetto?

All these thoughts let to the same answer: This is NOT a good idea, for me at least.

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Family Dinner

Jan. 19, 2010

There is a tradition that goes back about 5 years ago back when CM and I were still using cardboard boxes as living room furniture. This tradition is family dinner with J&A. It all started one cold night at Firenze, a welcoming Italian restaurant near the old apartment on the UES. I remember it being my first dinner where I felt like an adult living it up in NYC with confidence and passion. There have been many inspiring, intelligent and hilarious conversations over the years.  While the restaurant has changed the people and conversations have remained the same – with one exception, the addition of Mr. K. I believe that Mr. K joined in on the dinners even before he was officially family – which looking back on it means a lot.

It meant a lot to me that my family and friends approved of and respected Mr. K, and of course of our relationship. Being in a relationship you can have blinders, only seeing the good and blacking out the bad. In NYC it’s easy to get caught up in the look where he taking me/what he’s buying me/he has an awesome across the hall from Donald Trump mumbo jumbo. So easy that you might not notice how you only see him once a month, he never actually picks up the phone to call you and ignores all your e-mails. So needless to say it felt amazing when my friends then family welcomed Mr. K in with open arms, ensuring that my blinders were off. I hope that this is the one thing in our relationship that continues to remain the same.

As I look back over the years and notice all of the changes that have affected all of our lives, it is nice to know that this one night out of the year has remained the same. A familiarity that is only offered in the presence of family.

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I Could Get Used to This…

Jan. 17, 2010

Today was a little sunday funday with our friends who live in the nice part of JC. Yes, I learned today that there is a nice part of Jersey City. It’s exciting to know fun people to live on our side of the tracks, giving us the best of both worlds. We arrived at their high rise apartment building and were told that we should make our way up to the theater room. Theater room I’m thinking what is that??

We head up to the 11th floor and enter a lounge type area complete with bar, pool table, lounge couches and multiple flat screens. Not to mention that just outside was a olympic size swimming pool, cabanas straight out of Vegas, hot tub and fire pit.

We find the theater room and have a nice afternoon of chatting and drinking with Mr. and Mrs. M. We get a tour of their apartment a nice two bed to bath with dishwasher, views, and the ultimate prize an in apartment washer/dryer!

Next stop was the fitness center again beautiful and it even has yoga classes! We end the afternoon with a little football and more fun and then head out making plans to come back to play a little virtual golf. Yes, this apartment building has a room dedicated to playing virtual golf. This apartment building seems to have it all great friends, amenities, did I mention it was a short walk away from the exchange place path? Which makes it a whole lot easier to meet my city folk out on a Saturday night! Hurrah!

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Jan. 15, 2010

Tonight Mr. K and I watched Ms. CM in her phenomenal solo musical début “The Gravity of Love” at NYC’s Metropolitan Room. I have seen CM perform a lot she has done two other fantastic collaborative cabarets and made it to the Metro Star Finals, but this performance was different. I almost didn’t recognize her, I saw her transform from my awesome CM into this spectacularly gorgeous woman with a voice that commands the room and everyone it. I could feel the words, the meaning and the emotion. It was truly and inspiring performance. I am ecstatic that she is able to do what she loves to do, and share it with myself and the rest of the world, because if you havent heard her sing you are definitely missing out!

I sending her good vibes for her grand finale show tonight at 7:30 pm! In the meantime I will be prancing around my apartment channeling CM’s stage presence and voice while attempting to belt out HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHow do I get you alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jan. 14, 2010

Mr. K: “We gotta get outta here. I waited 40 minutes for the path last night, my wife doesn’t like it here. We should move back to the city”

Me: I am dumbstruck and have no words.

This is what I have been waiting for Mr. K to say since Oct. 20, 2009, “we need to move out of this place!!” Finally, thanks for coming along and getting on board my get out of the jersey ghetto bus! I have nothing against our apartment – I happen to like it a lot. But the area that it is in is a wee bit on the dirty jerz side for me. Plus it’s light years away from the path station.

I never said we had to hightail it back into Manhattan, although now that this juicy carrot has been dangled in front of me I will do everything I can to bite it! I could be happy in Jersey, possible as happy as I was living in the city. That happiness is attainable with say a 1 bedroom highrise elevator/doorman building overlooking the waterfront with fitness center, pool, parking, dishwasher, countertops that resemble granite, heat that actually works in the bedroom, a place for my elliptical and sewing machine, and short walking distance from the grove or exchange street path. 

However in NYC all it would take to make me happy is a small one bedroom with a dishwasher. OK maybe I need a doorman too, but I would settle for a homeless person who hands me by deliveries every night, and yes he would get holiday bonuses.

But when I really stop and think about it an apartment/home is just a box that you live in, what really matters is who is inside that box with you. In reality as long as I’m surrounded with the people who I love the happiness will come to me.

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I Might Live in the Ghetto

Jan. 11, 2010

The past two night Mr. K and I have seen people being arrested not far from our apartment. Everyone told me that Journal Square was a seedy area, from what I have observed it does seem like a seedy area, but I didn’t really believe that it was true until now.

Sunday we were driving back from doing a late Christmas with Mr. K’s family, as we are turning onto our street about 100 yards away from our apartment we see three police cars, six offices, and two seedy looking me being roughed up, cuffed, and hauled away curbside seconds away from our apartment.

Last night 9 pm we are heading to out of the JS path to a cab and what do we see happening right in front of the path station? Another arrest – this one was minor, there were only two police cars and four officers arresting one person, I couldn’t really tell if there was one ot two. We just wanted to get in a cab and get outta there.

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