Chirstmas in Cleveland

Dec. 24-28, 2009

This year Mr. K and I are driving over to Cleveland for Christmas. It’s always a little strange for me to go back to Cleveland and see my family. A lot has changed since I moved out of my house in Cleveland Heights and into the Big Apple. My room has been transformed into an entertainment room, my brother moved out of the house and in with his girlfriend, and my grandma relocated into an assisted living center way out in the country.

Going home is kind of overwhelming for me, all I want to do is sit around the house, chill and make christmas cookies. My parents want to zip me around town to comedy clubs, dinners, breakfasts, and family events. Now I want to see my family – I love hanging out with them so that I wouldn’t want to change, but I could do with a little less running around the city of Cleveland and a little more chill time.

Being at home with my parents is a sanctuary for me. It’s the place I can go to be away from the city, be away from my life there and just hang out, and not feel overwhelmed with everything that I need to finish. Recently, going home with Mr. K has been a bit overwhelming. I feel as though my parents feel like they need to entertain us, while we just want to hang around the house.

It’s not just my parents, I went home and the majority of my friends said that they are bombarded by parents and family the second they walk in th door. It’s almost as if things never change. As we grown up our parents are always on our backs about something, and now when we come home they are on our backs, but in a different way. But I can’t really complain since I always love going home, and once I get past that difficult third day, I feel like I should have stayed a little longer.


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