Why We Fight?

Dec. 17, 2009

Mr. K and I just watched Revolutionary Road, which happens to depict a very dreary view of married life. The lead couple fought bitterly throughout the entire movie. Their miserableness was mirrored in the relationships of every other couple who crossed their path. Which got me thinking about fighting and how at times, we can so readily say terrible things to purposefully cause the ones we love pain.

It’s so absurd how we can choose to hurt the ones we care about and the love the most over such silly differences. How do we determine what is worth fighting over, and what we let slide? Mr. K and I have had our share of arguments, most of them over things that truly do not matter when you compare them to the big picture. Looking back there is only one argument that I remember that I still feel that I had the right to be upset over. 

You would think that at some point during the fight one person would try and squash it, stop the fight before it hurts someone. There are so many things we do to avoid fighting, the little white lies we tell because we think we are  protecting someone from the truth, not fully expressing our opinions since we know it will strike a bad cord, avoiding certain subjects all together. We go through these motions so we do not fight, why is it so hard to stop ourselves once we start?


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