Snow Days!

Dec. 18-20, 2009

This weekend is the birthday celebration for Mr. K’s sister and mom. So Friday after work we trained down to Philly for a celebration family dinner at Osteria. The food was delicious (really really good pizza, and I have eaten a lot of pizza), and so was the wine. After some peanut butter pie, more birthday toasts, and a little It’s Always Sunny we headed out to the bars, followed by an interesting DJ party, then headed back home with a few snowflakes falling sparsely. I awoke fully clothed on the pullout couch, confused first about why I was still wearing my outfit from last night, and then as to where exactly I was. But my confusion was pushed to the wayside when I looked outside and saw a freaking foot of snow on the ground!

Typical, the weekend after I defriend snow I find myself in the biggest snowstorm to hit PA ever! So I slapped on my knee brace and hobbled out to the car. We were on a mission that would hopefully land us at Mr. K’s moms house, an hour away. Our first stop was Chifa where the newest Iron Chef, Jose Garces was holding a book signing for his new cookbook. We crept down the not so ploughed roads at about 10 miles an hour until we reached the restaurant. On the way to the book signing, we were reminded that one of the windshield wipers doesn’t work, so as luck would have it there happened to be an auto parts store across the street from the gas station where we stopped. After spending 15 minutes figuring out how to attach the new wiper, we were back on the road again creeping along at 10 miles an hour. The roads were still a mess despite the fact that we were now following a huge snow plough – I don’t think he was helping the situation, but driving behind him made us feel better.

The lovely flakes of snow were pounding us as Mr. K skillfully navigated the treacherous roadways. Narrowly avoiding stalled out cars, and slow-moving erratically stopping busses. It was winter wonderland war zone. Cars with tires spinning unable to finish climbing up the slippery hills, unableto go up and unwilling to slide back down. An hour and a half later we rolled into Mr.K’s moms driveway, no worse for the wear and ready for a drink.


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