Dinner in Park City

Dec 11, 2009

Tonight Mr. K and I headed over to Park City dinner for an upgraded dining experience. We parked at the end of Main street and began walking around. About 5 minutes into our journey we walk past this couple, the Asian man looked oddly familiar. It was John from TLC’s used to be John and Kate plus 8! My mom will be so excited to hear that I saw a slightly famous person, even if he is D list. He was walking around brunette lady both of them sucking down ciggys. Side note John looks  A LOT better on TV than he does in person. Yikes!

I have never been to Park City before, the Mr. and I walked past all the cute shops, restaurants and bars till we reached the other end of the street. There wasn’t a whole lot of activity at the time, we later found out that their tourist season doesn’t start-up till Christmas.

We were debating between two restaurants Purple Sage and Bistro 412. We ended up at Purple Sage and dined on a delicious dinner of blue cheese fondue with port sauce (I love cheese!), shrimp with polenta cakes, and BBQ pork medallions. Everything was delicious! however the shrimp was the standout dish

After dinner we headed down and across the street to a festively decorated bar, had a few drinks and chatted with some locals then headed back. Our little excursion was a nice break away from the bar food offered in the town where we stay.


December 12, 2009. Tags: , . Travel.

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