Sunday Funday

Dec. 6, 2009

Today Mr. K and I did a little Sunday funday out in the real suburbs of NJ. First off, after living in tiny NYC apartments for the past five years I find being in a house that big to be very foreign. I think I have forgotten what it is like to live in a real house. I am in awe of any space that has a working real fireplace, not gas logs (like we have in my Cleveland house).  As the afternoon progressed I found out exactly why all that space is useful: they have three kids. I learned a few things during my Sunday Funday:

1. Kids have a lot of energy
2. Kids never forget
3. Parents needs to be able to do everything they normally do with while holding a 25 pound toddler.

I also realized that I have no idea how to raise a kid. Actually, I realized this a LONG time ago, but all of a sudden this thought became very real to me. Having kids is no longer an event that will happen in the very distant future, 10 years down the line.  I am still wanting a little more newlywed time, but inevitable my thoughts of having kids will become a reality. So in the mean time I plan on stocking up on parenting tips and tricks. These parents just seemed to know what there kids were doing at all times, only once did they actually seem a little scared, when they realized the two older kids were scheming something near the fridge.  

I sat there, in between conversations, half laughing at all the craziness half completely terrified. I am kind of frightened by little children, I am not quite sure how to interact with them. For some reason I feel really awkward playing peek a boo under the dish rag and making silly faces. For some strange reason I get really embarrassed and flustered. Instead I stand there seeming not so kid friendly, while Mr. K does all the kid friendly playing.

 It was a really fun day, hanging out with Mr. and Mrs. C, chatting, drinking some good wine and eating some yummy food.


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