Girl Crush

Dec. 3, 2009

So I have developed a girl crush over this past week. There is a brunette swedish foreign PR person visiting our offices. I (along with the rest of my office) have developed a slight girl crush.

The sad thing is that after spending some time with her at the office holiday party – I don’t think we make the perfect pair:

1. I knew the least amount of swedish trivia, as I and two of my other co-workers (both ladies by the way) sat at the table vying for her attention.

2. I eat a lot more than her and would feel awkward at every meal

3. People might think we are related. she kinda looks like one of my cousins who bares a family resembles to me.

So lucky for Mr. K, I don’t think we will work out, plus when she came over to my cube to announce that she was leaving, I didn’t get the digits.


December 4, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. mr k replied:

    For the record, that would be fine with me!

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