The new New Yorker

Dec 1, 2009

Another Clevelander has joined the ranks turning himself into a New Yorker. TC has officially moved to NYC, Queens to be exact. So to celebrate, and help him spend what little money he has left after the move, we all went out for drinks. TC unlike all the rest of us Clevelanders turned New Yorkers came to the city attached. He left his beau in C-town with the hopes that he will find his motivation, and move out here come February. TC is also still helping out his BF financially since he up and moved out of their town house leaving him with the rent payment.

I feel like there is a certain amount of tough love that needs to be applied in every relationship. A relationship needs to have some sort of symmetry, one person cannot be the outgoing, intelligent, successful, funny one, while the other comes up lacking. One of the benefits of being in any sort of relationship is that you have someone(s) to help you grow and better yourself. You have a built-in support system to give you courage, help you up when you fall on your face, and make you realize what it is that you truly enjoy doing.

Recently, in my relationship, Mr. K has begun to excel in his life, at his job with his hobbies and ideas, he seems to be figuring out much of what he was confused about – he has become fearless and is not afraid to try out his new and different ideas. Him being so involved with himself and his ideas is amazing, it is such a great thing. I’m so proud and happy for him, but a part of me is also a little scared. Scared that as he advances himself and his life, that I will get left behind. Not in a literal sense, but I look at all the components of my life, and while some have changed and grown and strengthened, some have stayed the same. So I constantly ask myself “What am I doing to figure out what I am confused about?” I am doing a lot of talking about it, but not a lot of doing, or at least I wasn’t doing much doing until about one day ago.

Mr. K is the best motivator. He is constantly reminding me and pushing me to accomplish my goals, and to figure out what my main goal is. He encourages me to act on my ideas and thoughts, not just talk about them. This is exactly what I need. When I start slacking off it’s nice to have someone who is there to remind me of what it is that I am trying to accomplish.


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